Ode to my mom

I’ve been thinking a lot about my mom lately.

People always say the older you get the more you turn into your parents. It started to a few years ago and more and more these days— I see how much I am my mother’s daughter. Through daily routines to the way I have chosen to make decisions — the lessons of my mom run throughout the lines of my life.

She taught me about vocation and how our lives have the potential to be vehicles for good.

She taught me that your hair is your number one accessory and a good skincare routine is the secret to a well-lived life.

She taught me that sacrifices are often huge, unrewarded, and unrecognised until your kids are grown.

She taught me about bravery and the responsibility a young girl and young woman can carry amidst huge loss.

She taught me about the performance and the game face — how your confidence (real or not) is a valuable part of life.

She taught me about the flow of life. How to listen to yourself and to opportunities — when to design and when to drift.

She taught me about being fearless amidst success and even more importantly, in the of belly of failure.

She taught me how to never take yourself too seriously. There’s always a tickle monster or toe cracker around the corner regardless of how old you are.

She taught me how to love and have faith and when disappointed, how to pick yourself up and take a strong step forward.

As I approach a time in my life where I am starting my own family — I think about what kind of partner I want to be and what kind of family I want to raise.

This new stage makes me see my mom in a whole new way. I’m filled with confidence as she has been here before. Whatever I think I know or don’t know — I’m certain I can lean on these lessons from my mom and I will be okay.

I will celebrate the day when I’m standing in front of my misbehaving kids — wearing a worn-out pink terrycloth robe without any makeup on and saying sternly that they are all a ‘bunch of little shits’. I will know that I’m doing a good job.

Happy Mom’s Day. I love you, mom x