My Endorsement Speech -A. Voter

When a political figure endorses a fellow politician there is always, to me, the sense that one hand washes the other. They represent themselves and form a sort of alliance for future work opportunities. It’s politics. So I stand at this virtual podium to make an endorsement of my own for no better reason than the fact that I can.

It is with much thought, indeed with much struggle, that I’ve made the decision of who I will endorse in this election cycle for the democratic nominee for President of these United States.

So what is the struggle I speak of?

Our welfare system is crazy. We are so set on welfare to work that we don’t look at the needs of children to be nurtured or the needs of mother’s to nurture their young. We don’t look at the benefit to families and society. We don’t take the time to spell out how this investment can go a long way to breaking the cycle of dependency and poverty. It needs to become the norm. Take care of Mom’s so that they can take care of our future… (I could go on.) Welfare should be limited but motherhood, as in the function not just the status, should be supported when necessary and encouraged always.

Attending university costs too damn much. (Education is big business across the board.) I love learning. If I could figure out how to get paid to sit in classes and learn I would do it. It gave me hope and let me live beyond the boundaries that I had set for myself without even knowing it. I would go on to teach in urban communities and the greatest challenge was to get these children to reach beyond what they knew, what they’d lived. Too often when you’ve been fortunate enough to live beyond the struggle you find yourself drowning in debt. I am a debtor for at least the next 10 years. I will not own a home. My children will not have a room of their own. I miss out on all of the tax breaks and benefits of owning a home even though I pay more in rent than I would on a mortgage. I wanted a yard to garden so I rent from a homeowner. I don’t hang pictures because it isn’t mine. I’m not at home. Before long the children will go off to college and some will begin to gather their own debt because whether or not they get the scholarships they need, they must continue their academic journey.

Being poor is expensive. When I needed a car, I walked into a dealership and left with a vehicle. It was a terrible deal. On the one hand I was relieved that I would be able to get to work and shouldn’t be stuck on the side of the road on some dark and stormy night. On the other hand, I was ultimately going to be paying about 3 times the price of the car in spite of having a relatively clean car payment history. When I decided to start to clean up my credit, creditors took notice and I am mailed offers of predatory loans and Capital One credit cards at a 23% interest rate. I have an offer in my mailbox almost every day. Been there, done that. High security deposits on rentals, higher car insurance rates. It is exhausting and at some point you find yourself having panic attacks when you hear water drip or see a light on in an empty room and you feel like a hamster on a wheel. Add to this that it is a toxic time for the customer without much in the way of means. So my blood, sweat and tears make someone else fat and happy and I fall exhausted into bed trying to be grateful that at least the bills are paid, mostly. I waited 6 months to go to the dentist when my tooth broke because I didn’t have the deductible for my insurance.

I don’t care that Bernie Sanders was arrested during a Civil Rights protest. I don’t care that Hillary Clinton met Doctor King or has the endorsement of the Congressional Black Caucus or other black leaders. It’s not enough to understand that there is systemic racism; we who fear don’t even have the solution. My concerns are not hyphenated. They are American. My vote comes with acknowledgement of that fact. I would like to believe that my efforts will get me beyond this point and that my children won’t pay too high a price for this moment.

I’m seeing these celebrity endorsements and I’m baffled. Don’t get me wrong, I smile when an actor or actress that I like supports the candidate that I support but when they don’t I am not swayed. I just feel a moment of disappointment but it’s not surprising that we see the world differently. Really, I’m lucky to have finally gotten to the point where I feel that the system is rigged. There is a bit of space below me. I’m not at the bottom. Years ago when stimulus checks were mailed out during the Bush administration I was at that place where the recession didn’t really touch me — the bottom. Now, I’ve worked multiple jobs and gotten a couple more degrees. I’m exhausted, in debt and stuck.

I endorse Bernie Sanders because all indications are he’s been paying attention and speaks directly to my struggles.