Bring Me Back my Change

Here's what I need: I need my change.
For 400 plus years I sent you out
Sent you to get your own and bring me back my change
Instead you came back with doctored receipts and Elle magazines tutorials
I sit looking in the mirror and watch the world pull golden thread from my pores manufacturing my carbon copy
I cornrow my hair and out comes boxer
I pierce my nails and Kim K is called first
If you don't give me my change
I broke pennies over my back because I know how to turn something from nothing
Slick my edges with the brush of my oppressor and laugh up my euphemisms
You cain't have everything!
Signed my name in blood on this work you initialed and you have the nerve to not get your own
Bring me back my colloquialism, my black kid Vine sensation, my picked afro and my first place trophy for the birth of everything 
Nah you can't use my coin to buy nothing else
AAVE ain't cheap and the corner store is out of tall tees
Find something to do and


  • Joi Unspeakable