The “Talkin My Shit” Written Mixtape

Track 11

Truth is…

Waves of her depression seeped into my bones before I took my first breath
I held his humor 
His nose
Ice melting in spirits darker than my skin
She traveled with them
And he traveled back home
The places not open to me
Two so wrecked came together and birthed me
A bystander with weapons drawn in the canal
I came out fighting
And fight I still
Barstools creaking under weight of lost love
She traveled with them
And I sat at home

Sharpening lead knives with notebook paper
Pricking fingertips bleeding my truths all over me
For her to see
For anybody to see
He traveled in silence
I kept his secrets
He forgot mine
The days after I lost him I bruised angry
At my regrets and bought pain
She fell to her knees
A piece of her traveled with him
And I went on

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