The truth, the whole truth, and everything in between
Dan Pupius

Respectfully, I would say this feels like it comes from a place of privilege. Is this your advice to Muslims, Mexicans, Blacks and others who are legitimately frightened by what’s going on in this country? I guess I feel like you’re suggesting that we should try to understand bigots. Try to empathize with their bigotry. Try hard not to make them feel bad. Excuse it because they could be right?? What could they be right about? Under what circumstances is what’s happening ok? Hate speech and inciting hate and appealing to people’s basest instincts is wrong. Bannon is evil. Cabinet picks and administration are incompetent, unqualified and potentially dangerous. And I don’t subscribe to the notion that all Trump supporters aren’t racist because at the very least, they were comfortable with racism, with others being targeted. More focused on what they individually wanted/needed than on the marginalized people targeted by republicans and this administration. I don’t think that’s right. Maybe I’m close minded because I don’t want to understand that. Not at all.

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