How I became a Web designer

Almost 10 years ago I took an elective class in College that taught me how to build a website from scratch. Anybody remember Dreamweaver? This class is one of the many reasons why I became a web designer. As much as I loved the class and for a split second thought about abandoning my accounting degree to build websites for a living, I couldn’t do it. Thanks to my African parents. I love my parents and I am thankful for their guidance and support. However as a first generation going to college in America is a symbol of pride and a chance for opportunities. My parents believed an accounting degree was the gateway to a bright and promising future. They envisioned their daughter as an accountant at one of the big four, earning a crazy salary and truly living the American dream. Now almost 10 years later, I have never worked for the big four and I am not earning a crazy salary (yet)…sorry mom and Dad. But I am here, a full time compliance analyst and crazy enough to pursue my dream as a creative.

I was fascinated by the ability to build a website — this was around the time black planet faded, myspace became a distant cousin and Facebook became every college students’ bbfl. I remember sneaking into the computer lab after that semester to continue to learn about the different facets of Dreamweaver. That lasted a short while when my 300 level accounting courses demanded much of my time and attention. Eventually I stopped going to the lab and my dream of building the ideal website became a distant memory.

After college, I discovered blogger. You know the adam of blog platforms? There I created my first blog and began to chronicle my musings. However, I was always drawn by the design of blogs that I followed which led me to spend more time figuring out the design of my blog and spending very little time creating content. After a couple of years of blogging here and there and still focusing on the design of my blog more than I did on the content, I discovered the difference between a self-hosted site and a website hosted on platforms like blogger or WordPress. This new discovery led me to purchase my first domain: where I continued to chronicle my thoughts and ideas. This venture soon came to an end when I was once again not satisfied with the design of my blog so I took it upon myself to learn some coding. I was fascinated by coding because it was like learning a new language. To the normal person, coding looks like a foreign language and while they may be unable to read it, a coder can decipher the language and understand it. That rekindled my love for designing and building websites.

Fast forward to the fall of 2016 when my sister told me she wanted to become a blogger, I jumped on it and asked her to build her website. When my sister’s website launched, the response she received was overwhelming for her as a new blogger and for me as a designer (you can check it out here). Shortly after I had lined up 6 clients with various niches to design their websites. Now almost 9 months later, I have launched 10 blogs and websites and worked with first time bloggers and entrepreneurs from across the country within various niches. I am extremely excited and humbled to touch so many lives and help these creatives reach their goals and walk in their purpose. I strongly believe nothing is wasted. Every action, every step we take are meant to lead closer to our destiny and purpose.

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