POEMS to awaken the feminine

I have been working with women and holding many women circles over the years. I deeply believe there is a rise in feminine energy, bringing balance to life and it’s our responsibility to get in touch with this untapped wisdom and power. I have worked with great groups from Jewels wingfields work, shakti malan, to carolyn Hillier in Devon and local London Circles. Most of the poems I write capture the wisdom after a circle and is my own exploration.

One of the most powerful was a gathering called 13 moons in Devon, 400 hundred women gathered, including tribal medicine woman. Here are some links to womens projects. www.janday.com, www.jewelswingfield.com, www.shaktimalan.com

13 MOONS (© Joie de Winter)
Four hundred women
under the oak,
sweet gentleness in song.
Making calls to the land
with the ancient tongue.
Resting our bark spines,
with the earth we rise,
balancing soft with fierce
for this new time.
We’re filling gaps
with lasting drums,
with the fire of the grey,
lightness of the young.
Drum us clean,
drum us strong.
Weave us tight,
with threads long.
Heather catch our frays,
with the moor’s be sewn.
Moors with the mystery,
tapestries of moon remedy,
stitch into me, my womb,
stitch through us with love.
And I’ll tug you,
as the seasons tug me,
tug me from my river to the sea.
Sisters we’ve weaved,
with this poem be free.

STOP BEING PERFECT (© Joie de Winter)
I am still soaking up,
yesterday’s blue moon,
Spiralling from our talking circle,
Faint murmurs from my womb.
Flashes of moments,
Where sisters choose,
To speak their truth,
Silence refused.
Out of all the cries,
and quenched fists,
Howling releases,
Dissolving lists.
I remember this!
Layers dropping,
As the night creeps in,
Testing out with our speaking,
What’s feminine.
What is power, and unlocked.
Mixed views,
Became a mirrored melting pot.
Some fighting and evoking,
Hearts getting hot.
I sat there listening,
Witnessed myself,
Playing out softness,
Which made me scream aloud.
I hungered realness,
Inside I heard a growl.
And feared rejection,
So I just made some humming sounds.
My chest grew tighter, my throat locked.
But chose to not direct it,
Then time ended on the clock.
I fear showing and telling of my misery,
How I am clueless what is feminine,
Think it’s about humanness for me.
I tried on your speeches,
Felt your anger as mine,
Noticed on the way home,
Something didn’t feel fine.
Normally I laugh,
And play in the light,
But now I wear this robe,
A patriarchal sight.
Men looked curious,
But full of fear,
I felt quite powerful,
But they wouldn’t come near.
Makes me wonder,
what we are.
a women or human,
speaking with stars.

AM I A PRIESTESS (© Joie de Winter)
I cannot tell you,
Only the priestess knows.
Go within,
I am sure she will show.
In the silence I listen,
ow priestess, ow priestess,
come now flying.
Lift the modern,
boxes and names,
disguised costumes,
we keep dry in.
Is it ceremony,
when i head to the woods?
And call my sisters ,
to sing their truth.
I’ve lit the fires,
prayed in poem,
guided others back to knowing.
So many people,
so much change,
it’s hard to know,
if your leading,
these times are strange.
No temple Pestle or Malta,
or flowing robes,
no religion they slaughtered,
and left man deranged.
Back to basics,
were humans the same,
priestess and priest,
goddess god,
were bit confused,
does spirit have form?
Is love limited,
to the highest roles?
wearing headdresses,
i feel like an ancient doll.
Mystical and magic,
secret and wise,
hush now beauty,
spirit never dies.
Lives beyond time,
outfits and names,
the priestess is you,
is anyone that listens,
and stays.
and follows their truth,
what pulls you to the moon?
robes are a ritual,
an act,
to honour truth.
Adorn your body,
if you don’t hear your soul,
or sit in the woods,
in silence unfold.
Are you priestess,
I am soul.
Am I goddess,
when I want to feel whole.

SISTERS STRONG (© Joie de Winter)
Silently still,
In bed alert,
Wrapped to my neck,
in eagle blankets,
Held in the dark.
A single candle flickers,
Ancient wisdoms,
Next to old stones,
My head falls gaze,
to the window, moonglow.
And my thoughts seem quiet,
And hands are joined.
Melodies move the space,
with chimney wind noise.
hovering humming planes.
And Cat collar bells,
Streets sounds stray.
I feel my breath,
Toes curled.
Self rising chest,
Energies swirl.
And flashes of sisters,
Spontaneously flood me.
Their spirit and essence,
Live in me.
I reel through you,
face by face,
Soaking in all the kindness,
You give and gave.
Slaps of reality,
rejecting reflections,
Boundless spontaneity,
Moon racing rituals.
Sensual awakening,
toughening on conditions,
Chances to surrender,
Be present and listen.
Endless accepting,
Encouraging truth,
Raw vulnerability,
A chance to feel.
Enticed in your beauty
Nurtured we play,
Crushing down doubt,
Standing our grounds.
Returning to source,
Freeing up flow,
Speaking our truth,
Learning to be real.
I feel our bravery,
Hurt and fears.
This eternal wave,
And strive to be near.
And you keep coming women,
Like you live with me.
Like we’ve always been connected,
Together or apart,
Nurturing conscious collective,
Protecting the same heart.
Me in my bed,
You in yours,
In homes or tents,
Or cabin boats.
Upon the sea,
Or tower blocks.
Artists, mothers,
Elders, young.
Sisters, lovers,
I send some,
Absolute presence,
And gratitude,
For all you are,
And all we go through.
I bounce my love,
Secure this bond,
I am deeply moved,
Reassured were strong.
Such power, such love,
Surrounded in strength,
May you wake free,
Held and content.

Forget the walls,
Those pointed buildings,
Protruding, penetrating,
The skies.
Don’t waste your energy asking why?
There kids blocks,
By the winds,
As our hearts rise.
Hello you,
That knows inside,
Say bye bye,
To the victim cries.
I wipe your cheeks,
With forest leaves.
Help you plant your dreams,
Water them with belief.
Now rest and breathe.
Time is coming to create new realities.
Integrate our hearts,
With life and the trees.
And slowly slowly,
Bring back care into our cities.
Care into our thoughts.
Stand with integrity,
Become a collective force.
Co-creating consciously,
A shared dance with destiny,
Let’s go live our life fully,
Celebrate being free.
Release those little worries,
Shifts are coming your see.