I write about sensuality and sexuality because most of my life I suffered in relationships with intimacy, feeling blocked, stuck in the mind, untrusting, pushing away, self sabotaging, complaining, projecting. In Fact it was this that got me exploring spirituality. When I was younger I had a partner that cheated on me with my mother, this caused me to move into pleasing mode and took me out of the present, so I could not let partners close or deeply rarely get to feel a relationship with deep love until today. I took a journey into Tantra and conscious sensuality work and discovered the importance of healing sexuality in humanity. About claiming our voice back and celebrating our desires

MASKS OF SENSUALITY (© Joie de Winter)

During my time of working in tantra I began to grow quickly but I was frustrated at how free and elusive people were. I spent a year with many partners and short lived partners. Here was my poem to claim my boundary and respect.

MASKS OF SENSUALITY (© Joie de Winter)

My skin you touch,
that holds my bones,
my muscles,
the water,
of the ocean.
Such secrets,
and passages,
back home.
Lock into my eyes,
if we wonder,
let us teach each other,
the depths of soul.
Let us feel our longing,
and unfold,
in grace.
Help me feel safe.
And remember,
we are mirrors,
an eternal face.
A sacred temple,
with familiar gates.
Leave your masks,
Stroke my skin,
with presence,
like you would a tiger crazed.
Call my heart with honouring,
let my inner deer,
emerge embraced.
I am tired to carry wounds,
too blame,
suppress my heart,
in shame.
I feel each touch,
with colour and thought,
I feel your intention
and wear these chains,
of guilt.
Open all,
all men and souls,
touch your lovers,
like their made of gold.
Made of heaven,
made of goddess,
be god.
Just listen,
connect with presence,
in union hold.
Feel the cold
of the wounded womb,
don’t move to soon.
Rock her back and forth,
let her feel the moon,
feel the sun,
inside of you.
If you could ever make this choice,
its the greatest gift,
a miracle man,
nurturing the world,
through this great shift.

FEELING (© Joie de Winter)
I honour the eyes of innocence,
as they break all rules and walls. My arms have no boundaries,
in a boundless embrace,
in absence now they long,
to wrap the world the same.
Show me how to love,
live amongst the mind.
Keep me from closing down,
to repetitive old times.
I lay to life and listen,
and there life it flows,
living out worn metaphors,
the unnameable feeling it grows.
In forms of sunlit intimacy,
it stops me on my track,
amongst the shelter canopies,
I roll upon my back.
And through the hues so green and true,
burst of love and burst’s of you,
and burst of me and all we do,
a river flowing through and free,
a feeling I let be.