Xamarin Contest: Working with new Xamarin DataPages

I love the Xamarin contests. There were several ones, but I have participated in just one before and it was awesome. You can check it out here:

Now there is a new Xamarin contest going on here. For this post, I will show the results of my implementation of an app using Xamarin.Forms DataPages (that's still in preview).

The Contest

As described in the contest page, one is supposed to choose at least one of the new features of the Xamarin.Forms 2.*:

After creating an app with the chosen feature, one is supposed to tweet it.

As my choice was Xamarin.Forms DataPages, it deserves a brief explanation.

What is DataPages?

In short, it is an easier way to create/populate your app pages… :) Ok! That was too short… So, let’s see what is the Xamarin definition for that:

DataPages provide an API to quickly and easily bind a data source to pre-built views. List items and detail pages will automatically render the data, and can be customized using themes.

My tweet

My code

As soon as possible I will update a link for my code here. ;)

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