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Claire Joines: Graphic Design, Illustration, Creative Direction, Art Direction

Claire Joines
10 min readMay 26, 2019


Updated: July 2022

Some of my clients~

& more!

Penguin | Audio Covers

Audiobook cover design for a range of BBC x Penguin titles
(Freelance — 2018-present)

Netflix UK

I ran @netflixuk agency-side for just over a year, leading a team of 5 full-time staff and freelancers to produce assets, dream up campaigns, strategise, post, and community manage across Netflix UK’s Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. (via agency Jellyfish—2019–2020).

Dancing On Ice — ITV

Leading the Digital Team as Senior Digital Producer, including (but definitely not limited to!) branding, client management, crew management, editorial, copywriting, designing, shoot production, script writing, video editing, and campaign planning. See below for assets I’ve made, videos I’ve shot, photos I’ve taken, copy I’ve written, and photoshoots I’ve produced + delivered. (via agency Somethin’ Else — 2019)

Oxfam Online Shop

I was the Senior Digital Producer for Oxfam Online Shop’s social channels for over 2 years. Within this, I was the Creative Director and Set Designer on all the photoshoots and the Copywriter, Designer (branding, asset design, and so on) & Client Manager when it came to providing beautiful assets & engaging copy for the channels! (via agency Somethin’ Else — 2017–19)

Jobs for Beluga Whales | Book Design

(Freelance — 2020)

Somethin’ Else Originals: Podcast Art

(via agency Somethin’ Else — 2018–19)

Apple Music & Apple iTunes Movies

I designed a range of assets for Apple’s social media channels, primarily used for paid marketing. (via agency Somethin’ Else — 2017–18)

BBC 6 Music, BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 2

Social media assets, managing the design team, client management, video editing, video production (via agency Somethin’ Else — 2017–18)


Bustle | Voting

(Freelance — 2016)

Amazon Prime UK

Asset creation, template design, creative direction, brief writing, delivery. Somethin’ Else. (instagram.com/primevideouk) (via agency Somethin’ Else—2018)

Bustle | Book Covers

(Freelance — 2015)

Bustle & HP Envy

(Freelance — 2015)

Pet Portraits

(Freelance — 2020-onwards)

Bustle & Cupcake Wines

(Freelance — 2017)

Beyond The Woods Festival

https://beyondthewoods.co.uk/ (Freelance — 2019)

Bustle | Quote Cards

(Freelance — 2017)

Editorial | Romper.com

(Freelance — 2016)

Bustle | “4 Jean Fits For Making All Your Fall Moves”

https://www.bustle.com/p/4-jean-fits-for-making-all-your-fall-moves-11951517 (Freelance — 2015)

Bustle | Instagram Memes

(Freelance — 2015)

Bustle | Breaking News Headers

(Freelance — 2016)

Bustle & Ulta Beauty

(Freelance — 2017)

Netflix: Haters Back Off!

Dedicated social media creative for Netflix’s new original series “Haters Back Off”, working with the Creative Lead to devise a launch strategy which included a 140 day countdown across all social platforms. Things got VERY messy (sorry office manager!). Creative direction, look & feel, layout and design, copywriting, client comms. (via agency Social Life — 2016)

The Edge Magazine | Magazine Design

Designed 7 Issues of The Edge including all illustrations. (Freelance — 2014)

Software? I’m a pro at Adobe Creative Cloud

Photo retouching? Gifs? Animation? Video editing? Print & layout? Illustration? Yep! Ps. I come with my own iPad and laptop.


Creative direction, art direction, design, illustration, & editorial. Not just that: I’ve led shoots, teams of social media producers, and worked in live studio environments more times than I can count on 2 hands.

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