J.D I agree with you that many people who do not wish to discriminate against Muslims do understand…
Salma Sitara

Hmm…experience, that was it. I wouldn’t say you are wrong cos from where you came from I do wonder some times if “we can call them Muslims at all,” and there’s no doubt that you’re a “victim” yourself. From your background, majorities follow what they were being told to do by their leaders who misinterpreted the decree of Allah based on their low self understand and high self interest. You can’t just use your “personal experience to judge Islam.” I’ll enjoy that you read Qur’an to understand and cross check authentic texts not just what people told you cos, that’s where the problem resides – listening to people without checking the source of their information. Misunderstanding and misinterpretation of holy scriptures can be found in every religion, however, before saying anything at all one needs to understand best “which is” and “which is not,” and with that there wouldn’t be mistaking.

You’re very correct when you talked about reorientation, I can’t dispute that fact – especially in countries like yours where there is full extremism, terrorism and the likes, why? Because they were born Muslims and not learned Muslim. Islam does not support terrorism and many other atrocities being launched towards humanity.

To the extremist and the world: ‘not until “a born Muslim” or a “non Muslim” understands the true form of Islam; Islam to them will always be, like, a culture and practices handed down from generation to generation without trying to query “why?” or embark on a journey to seek out the truth with no biased intentions. Whatever they do will be to the glory of what they were told by so and so.’

What if so and so was wrong? Thank you.

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