Republic Crypto: Bringing Inclusivity to the Blockchain Space

Nov 10, 2017 · 3 min read

Bringing Inclusivity to the Blockchain Space

Today, we’re announcing Republic Crypto, a line of products designed to bring much-needed accessibility and inclusivity to the blockchain space.

On our tested platform, blockchain startups can now engage investors of all income brackets. Our team provides hands-on advice to entrepreneurs on the execution, risks, and rewards of running a successful and legal ICO — one that’s open to everyone, everywhere.

Blockchain and the Rise of ICOs

The exponential growth of the blockchain world and value of cryptocurrencies in the last year has turned the heads of many entrepreneurs, investors, and onlookers. Many have compared the blockchain space to the early days of the internet and some believe that blockchain will rival the internet in its impact on the world.

Initial coin offerings (ICO) of digital currencies are a new way for blockchain startups to raise money from early adopters and believers, in exchange for discounted tokens (or for future delivery of discounted tokens if the network has not been fully developed).

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, too, believes that it has jurisdiction over this hot new area of finance.

Many ICOs are considered “securities offerings” under U.S. law. That means, with few exceptions, they are accessible to wealthy, accredited investors only. Blockchain enthusiasts in lower income brackets are shut out from compliant ICO platforms like CoinList.

That is antithetical to the open and transparent nature of blockchain.

Until now…

As part of our mission to make financing and investment opportunities accessible to all, we’re excited to announce Republic Crypto: a line of products designed to bring much-needed accessibility and inclusivity to the blockchain space. Our first step is to make it possible for any credible team to, with the support of their community, get the funding and guidance they need.

For Blockchain Projects

Introducing Republic Genesis: a compliant way for blockchain companies to raise up to $1M to get their projects off the ground. Built on the same regulations that made Republic’s equity crowdfunding product possible, the process is straightforward and affordable. It’s the same process used to launch over two dozens campaigns with over 95% closing success.

Beyond our tested product, Republic Genesis partners can look to our team for advice on the entire ICO process, from structuring to vendor selection. In recent months, our team has advised several high-profile ICOs, and presented to the SEC and legislators on token offering implications. We also draw on the expertise and support of a wide network of advisors, including Shiza Shahid, Naval Ravikant, Yasmeen Turayhi, Nadav Hollander, Shaherose Charania, Katherine Krug, and Andy Bromberg.

For Investors

Investors, accredited or unaccredited, in the United States or abroad, can become a part of a blockchain company’s story with investments as small as $20. Republic Genesis makes it easy to participate with your bank account, credit card, debit card, self-directed IRA or bitcoin wallet. As with all early-stage investments, the risk of loss is high, so we advise everyone to exercise caution and diversify.

The path forward

The blockchain space was built on tenets of inclusivity and meritocracy. Compliance with the law need not drive us away from these guiding principles. Whether you’re a founder, an investor, or an enthused onlooker, join us in showing that compliant fundraising and investing in blockchain companies and networks need not go hand-in-hand with exclusion and inaccessibility.

Thank you for helping make our decentralized future open to all, learn more about our efforts at, and please help us get the word out by sharing.

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Republic is an open investment platform. Choose from privately-held companies you believe in and connect with their success as you fuel their growth.

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