Making Changes for a Healthier Sunshine

Have you ever woken up with a pounding headache, started your day off great only to start feeling a tickle in your throat midday, or felt tired and distracted all day for seemingly no reason? Of course you have! Everyone experiences ebbs and flows in their health and while most of us know how to mask the symptoms of these lapses in well being, many of us are completely unaware of their triggers.

At Sunshine, we want to connect the dots between your environment and its affects on your immune system and performance. That’s why we’ve added more buttons to the “How do you feel?” section. So, now you can note if you’re feeling tired or energetic, if you have a headache or feel sick, and whether you’re focused or distracted. Our job is to keep track of what conditions trigger these symptoms in you so we can make our advice even more relevant.

Now we’re taking it one step further. We’ve found certain types of weather can trigger different health conditions in most people, so from time to time, we’ll check in with you to see if you’re experiencing the same effects. To do that, we’ve updated our blue dashboard to make it interactive.

Cloudy and cold conditions cause lethargy in most people, but maybe you’re different.

Let’s say it’s a cloudy and cold Wednesday afternoon. We know these conditions make most people feel tired, but how do they make you feel? We’ll ask you and you can respond simply by hitting one of the two buttons on the dashboard. Suppose you’re not like the rest, and today you feel surprisingly energetic. Instantly, on the dashboard, we’ll give you advice that’s just for you!

Advice on how you can use that extra energy.

Soon, you’ll start to see patterns that link the weather to your well being. You’ll know that on cloudy days you can feel a little sad and on sunny days you find it hard to focus. Rather than feeling sorry for yourself or downing endless cups of coffee to no avail, you’ll know the environmental triggers that you can minimize to make yourself feel better. Feeling gloomy on a dark day? Listen to some upbeat music. Daydreaming on a sunny day? Move away from the window when you’re working.

At Sunshine, we’re very excited to start focusing more on your well-being and how you can stay happy and strong no matter what the weather. In the coming months, we’ll be adding more features like this and more advice geared towards keep you healthy!