Our Biggest Update Yet: v0.4 is out!

Hi everybody!

There’s a new iOS version available in the App Store today. It includes some really cool features:

Weather Icons on the Map

Each weather report’s icon now shows up directly on the map so that with one glance you can see what the weather’s like according to fellow Sunshiners and if there are any microclimates.

Activity Page

You can now check all the notifications you get (daily summary, alerts, when somebody likes your report, etc.) on that page.

User Profile

Just double tap on any avatar on the map and their profile will pop up.

Improved Walkthrough

It’s now interactive and helps you personalize and understand Sunshine each step of the way.

Hearts Galore

Show your love to other Sunshiners by tapping on a heart instead of simply upvoting their report.

Longer Comments up to 110 Characters

You asked for the ability to post longer comments and we couldn’t say no! Your weather descriptions are fantastic :)

Saved Locations

Tap on the top search bar to access Saved Locations instead of the list icon.

As always, we appreciate your feedback! Feel free to shoot us an email if you need help or just want to say hi: support@thesunshine.co


Team Sunshine