Sunshine. Is. Feeling. Fabulous.

Aug 29, 2016 · 2 min read

Update 1.0!

Why, you ask? Because of the new look and some great new features! So fresh! So clean!

So, for starters, we have a new bottom menu which means faster navigation from page to page within the app.

Next, we’ll be getting a little more info from you. Don’t worry! It’s so we can send you more personalized advice to help you plan your day around the weather. It’ll be little things like: your age, the gender you identify with, if you get sunburned easily. Stuff like that. Nothing weird.

Oh yeah, we did a few redesigns including an easier to use “make report” function and a new widget. Easy Peasy…

And (techno build-up, please) the most exciting part! You can now send personalized forecast notifications to other folks and let them know what their day’s weather will bring! Just plug in the person’s name or something like it *wink* and send them a weather report! That means friends, family, loved-ones, mortal-enemies, tech-savvy-forest-creatures, phone-numbers-on-bathroom-walls, etc.

We know you’ll love our new look! Have a great day and thanks for being a Sunshiner!


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