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Today we are starting a new series of blog posts dedicated to tips on how to use Sunshine and how it can make you feel better :)

We are planning to release one post per week, but, you know, we might run behind schedule once in a while.

Based on your feedback, comments and suggestions we decided to start with the most commonly asked question:

Tip 1: What is my comfort zone?

On Sunshine, your comfort zone is not the one life coachers push you to get out of (You know, the one where you like watching Game of Thrones and eating pizza). It’s the temperature scale you feel comfortable when you are out, dressed like you enjoy most. For example, for me it’s anything from 65–75 where I wear my t-shirt, flip-flops and probably light pants (because everyone lives in California).

For my teammate, it’s 68–81. Anything outside that, she feels either cold or hot. Bottom line, for everyone it is different based on gender, where you live and what you like.

When setting your comfort zone, Sunshine personalizes the morning notification message to reflect how you will feel and what you should expect when you start your day. And it’s tailored to you.

As you use the app, we will keep asking you questions about your personal weather preferences in order to become smarter and better deliver you your weather updates. To keep you comfortable. Because this is what we do :)

Thanks for reading and hopefully this post will help you better understand how to use your Sunshine and what it can do for you.

You can download Sunshine here.

The Sunshine Team

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