Monsoon Vibes

The rain drops,
Your head pops,
The day starts-
The week already has.

The wind blows,
Your eyes grow, 
The clock has told you
You have to go..

Driving around you’re looking for sunshine,
A place to own and call it all mine
But never mind, you’re not alone
You’re not the only one who left home.

Millions around, millions behind you,
Ahead of you, and beside you,
Drenched in the rain, they simply remind you
To go on, stop talking, it’s just traffic, don’t argue.

Don’t argue with strangers, don’t complain,
About things you can’t change-it’s God’s reign,
Mortals with passion streaming their lust
Will always drive past you through rain or dust.

They’ll always make you full of envy
“The better life”
These aren’t the millions
Only few, the rest are up for sacrifice,
The rest are up for grilling pain
And no real shelter in the rain.

The rain drops
Your head pops
And in the sky another sound-
Inauspicious Tuesdays,
But never mind it’s still a new day,
The rain will always fall
But never mind, work calls.

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