3 Easy Steps to Sniff like a Pro

Having a sniff of your wine before having a sip isn’t just for show, actually it’s a great trick at parties to avoid talking with someone you don’t like. Kidding!

The aromas in your glass can be broken down into primary aromas which are fruity and floral notes while secondary aromas come from the aging process in the bottle which are usually savory.

Flavour is really a combination of smell and taste. Smelling wine prepares your brain for the flavours you are about to enjoy.

Sniff like a pro

  1. Stick your nose right into the glass. Move your nose around the glass, We do this because different aromas are positioned all around the glass.
  2. Swirl your glass. Get those aromas moving around.
  3. Sniff again.

Voila! You are now an expert Wine Smeller!

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