A Secret Thing Called Waffle 👀

Mar 19 · 2 min read

If you’re reading this it’s probably because you love eating out, discovering new places to eat and saving money. Maybe you’ve heard of Waffle from when we won Sussex Startup of the Year 18', 😏 or just through the grapevine but haven’t tried it yet. Maybe you don’t know who or what Waffle is at all? 👀

Waffle is a chatbot that lives inside Messenger, equipped with the powers to help you discover cool places and eat out for less in Brighton.

Here’s 7 reasons why you’ll love Waffle:

1) Getting started is super easy and there’s no app to download! 🙌

That’s right, there’s no bloody app to download. That means no new accounts, no passwords and no email verification. You can get started with Waffle by clicking 👉 here or just searching for “joinwaffle” in Facebook Messenger like you would a friend.

2) Eating out becomes pretty affordable and you’ll save tons of money 💸

There’s loads of great deals at popular restaurants all over Brighton. Whether that’s a quick lunch, afternoon snack or evening dinner, there’s always something to choose from.

3) Simply tell Waffle what you’re in the mood to eat 🍴

No more endless scrolling, just ask Waffle what you’re in the mood for; “something healthy”, “ a Mexican dinner”, “vegan dishes” or “wings for dinner” and Waffle will sort you out. Then simply pick whatever you want from the menu and order. See our other blog post for more tips on how to get the most out of Waffle

4) There’s no annoying restrictions 🚫

Waffle keeps things simple with flat percentage discounts off everything you see on the menu. No funny business.

5) New restaurants to choose from every month 🗓

To make sure there’s always something new for you to sink your teeth into (pardon the pun) the Waffle team works hard to make sure to add new restaurants to the platform and keep you updated with the new additions!

6) Their customer service is the best 💁‍♂️

Need help with something? Waffle hands you over to one of the team who are always friendly, quick to follow up and use emojis.

7) Waffle supports Vegan and Vegetarian options 🌱

Vegan or vegetarian? Waffle’s got you covered. We tag every appropriate menu item with vegetarian (V) or vegan (Ve) icons so you always know what’s safe to order.


We know, and you know that using Waffle means the full squad can eat out more often and enjoy the quality times together.

Give Waffle a try and find yourself something for lunch or dinner 🍴. To make things sweeter, get £5 off your first order by using code FIRST5 at the checkout.

You can invite your friends to Waffle too by saying “share” and then inviting them directly through Messenger 💬


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Your best friend for eating out

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