How to get the most out of Waffle

Jul 9 · 2 min read

While many of you are getting the hang of using Waffle to take advantage of the daily offers available for lunch, dinner and even drinks — we realised there’s a lot of cool things we haven’t yet shown you how to use and how to get the most out of Waffle.

Waffle is a robot, and like most robots, Waffle is smart 🧠(but also very dumb sometimes!).

So here’s our top tips for getting the most out of Waffle and saving tons of money.

1. Literally ask Waffle for whatever you’re in the mood for 💬

Waffle can find you offers for food and drink on the menus of our restaurants with as much granularity as “chicken wings”, “vegan pasta” or even “espresso martinis”! But what about when you don’t know exactly what you want? Well there’s lots of other ways Waffle can help. You could say things like — find me; “Thai food”, “a quick lunch”, “healthy dinner” or “hangover food”.

2. Use the map feature to see all restaurant offers around you 📍

Sometimes you just want to see everything available and where things are. Using the map is the best way to get a feel for this at a glance. Ask waffle for “map” or use the menu to get to the map. From here you can see what’s live right now and later.

3. Search ahead of time 🕗

You don’t just have to search when you’re hungry. Use Waffle to plan your meals, nights out and lunches. You could say “dinner tomorrow” then take your pick from the best offer times to save the most money.

4. Drinks offers 🍸

Waffle made his debut with food offers but recently we’ve been partnering with cocktail bars and pubs to provide you with irresistible drinks offers too! To see what’s available and choose an offer period, just ask waffle for “drinks”, “cocktails” or the name of your favourite cocktail to see if it’s available at any of our partners.

New to Waffle? Get started here. For £5 off your first order use code HUNGRY5 at the checkout. T&Cs


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