#80: How to pitch for 💰, cold email & more

Hi, it’s Jói again, back in your inbox. Is it just me, or is it crowded in here? 😜

I’m planning to start doing more outbound outreach for CrankWheel, so you’ll see a tiny bit of a theme in the articles this week — with the exception to the rule being my own new blog post, which is on how to pitch your startup.

On the tools front, I’ve been working on ways to spend less time on various activities or sharing the load more effectively with my team, and discovered a couple of neat tools for customer engagement and customer support, as well as social.

Article of the week

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Pitching your startup: Lessons learned —

I was asked by a friend to give a talk on how to pitch your startup, and although I’m far from a pitching expert, I decided to go with it, figuring it would just take an hour or so to prepare.

Three hours in and no end in sight, I figured since I’m gathering all these resources for the talk, why not make a blog post out of it too? So here you have it, a blog post and a slide share with my best suggestions on how to pitch your startup. Now go get those 💰💰💰

Tool of the week

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Roadmap | Product management software —

I’m working on CrankWheel’s roadmap in this tool (I’ll publish it here once it’s out!). The tool is free for one roadmap with up to 500 users interacting with it. It makes it quite simple to create a roadmap of stuff that’s in progress vs. starting soon vs. future, and also to show a release history of things we’ve already launched. I’ve had a lot of requests recently to publicly document our roadmap, and overall I think it’s a good idea to get some interaction from highly engaged users telling you what they’d like to see in your product.

Tools I actually used recently


Hiver | Turn Gmail into a Help Desk —

I’m looking for a simple way to scale up our customer support ticketing without making it overly complicated (we used to use Zendesk and I hated having to leave my inbox all the time). Hiver seems kind of neat, I’ve just started playing with it. It gives you team inboxes, assignment, shared labels, shared drafts and more, all within your Gmail or G Suite inbox.

Mentia | Social media content/campaign ideas —

I’m trying this out as a way to find interesting content for our social media presence more quickly. Looks interesting, lets you save posts, schedule posts, and finds posts from Twitter and Instagram for you to share based on keywords. Wish it had a Buffer integration though. There’s a free-for-life plan.

Tools discovered recently

Colormind — the smart color palette generator

Generate ALL the color palettes 🤓🌈


Fluid UI — Online Wireframing and Prototyping —

This looks like a nice prototyping tool and there’s a “free forever” plan that seems usable. It has Android, iOS and web components. On the free plan you can share online, on paid plans you can export HTML and stuff like that.

Formcarry | just point your form and chill

Like Formspree and Formaholic, this lets you host a form without having to build a form backend — just point your form at Formcarry and they do the rest. While Formspree and Formaholic are really nice, free services, this one is a bit more sophisticated as it has native Zapier integration and file upload support. Free for one form.


Justuno | Conversion tools —

This looks really neat and I’m going to take a look at it for Lots of conversion optimization tools including custom forms, exit intent, top/bottom bars, all with A/B testing. Free for up to 5000 visitors/month with all their functionality included. it work1

Paperjet | Fillable, signable PDF forms online —

This lets you turn various PDFs into forms that you can have folks fill in and sign online. Free for up to 10 forms per month.

Pastel —

Seems like a neat little tool. Feed it a site (e.g. one you’re building for a client), and it creates a web page where folks can add sticky notes and comment on bits of the site as a quick way to get feedback on the design or features.


Piktochart | Easy Infographics, Reports, Presentations —

This is similar to Canva or Stencil but focused on infographics. Looks neat. There’s a free plan with access to a subset of their templates.

Articles for this week

Mailshake’s Cold Email Outreach Playbook —

This is a great resource to start with, an e-book from the folks at Mailshake.

Email deliver header image

Email Deliverability: Best Practices for Cold Emails — Klenty Blog — 
 Email Deliverability is the single most important crucial factor that determines the success or failure of your cold email campaigns. If your emails are…

How this cold email template generates all our B2B sales leads 
 Note: Video of this talk is at the end of the post along with email samples you can download.. Early last year I did this talk at the DMX and GrowthHackers confrences alongside some great companies like Hubspot, Twitter and Spotify.

Pablo 23

Nail your Cold Email Call To Action: 10 Techniques to Boost your Response Rates — Klenty Blog — 
 Use these 10 highly effective techniques to write a cold email call to action that will motivate your prospects to respond to your cold emails.

That’s it for this issue

I mentioned last week that I decided to give Toptal a try for myself, for a WordPress plug-in I need to have built for CrankWheel. I started the process on Monday, and by Wednesday I had my first interview with a Toptal developer, who I think is a great fit for the job. He’s starting next Wednesday, and I’m stupidly excited to see how it goes! 🤓

Whatever you’re challenging yourself to do next week, remember to have fun this weekend!