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Hi everyone,

It’s Jói again. I hope you enjoyed my inaugural issue last week, and the first installment of the $0 Subscription Startup Stack. I’m hoping to get the next article in that series out in time for our next issue.

In order to give you the most relevant newsletter, I’d love to learn a bit more about the makeup of the audience here. To that end I’m planning to do some one-click surveys in the coming weeks. Here’s the first one:

How many folks work at your company? Just click your answer to submit.

Battle for the Net


Join the Battle for Net Neutrality —

Like thousands of other web pages around the Internet, showed visitors last Wednesday (July 12th) what the net might be like if we lose the battle for net neutrality. Please join us and all the others trying to keep the net free and open for innovation. Click through and you can send a letter to the FCC and Congress.

Tool of the week

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Netlify —

I can hardly say enough good things about Netlify as a way to deploy static websites, and I use it myself for both and Their free plan is very generous, and you can easily deploy static websites either by just dragging and dropping a folder, or connect to your git repo (e.g. on GitHub or GitLab) for continuous deployment.

Tools I actually used recently


Survicate | The Fastest Way to Collect Feedback From Customers —

This is what I’m using for the one-click survey above. Pretty easy to set up and they have a small free plan.


Create simple, beautiful checklists with Forgett —

This is a very simple way to create checklists that you can share with your team. We use this at CrankWheel, it’s pretty decent. Lately I’ve been looking at Pipefy (blurb below) which is like the big brother to this for process documentation.

Tools discovered recently

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Pipefy | The process excellence platform. —

I discovered Pipefy in this article by Cody McClain on making your business no longer rely on you. It looks like a great tool and I’m thinking of using it to replace Forgett (see above) to make checklists / workflows / etc. for more parts of my company.

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Hellosign eSignature API —

Want to build e-signatures into your product? Hellosign now has an API for that. This is something I’m thinking about using in my own product, looks very interesting.


If you’re already using Hotjar, this is similar to their visitor recording, but will give you up to 1000 recordings for free

Fsales og image

Freshsales CRM —

From the company behind Freshdesk, this looks like an interesting CRM, with built-in calling, activity tracking on your website, lead enrichment, and more. They have a free plan for up to 10 users.

Gramblr logo

Gramblr — Upload photos to Instagram from your PC, Mac, Computer! —

For anybody doing Instagram, this could prove really useful for uploading photos from your PC or Mac. Try it out!

Discounts for our audience

Free migration from WordPress to StudioPress

Use the link above to migrate your WordPress site to be hosted by StudioPress for free (normally $99). StudioPress is specialized WordPress hosting that makes things fast and easy. Less hassle than running your own WordPress instance on a shared host. Be quick though, this offer expires end of today.


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“I don’t know any good Ethereum developer that isn’t a millionaire — There’s a gold rush among… —

Have you been following along on the recent craze of ICOs? What are your thoughts on it? Would you build a startup funded using an ICO (kind of like a Kickstarter campaign but with rewards that are tradable at least within your startup, and often also for real money)?

WTF is The Blockchain?

If you read about ICOs and your first thought was “WTF is the Blockchain”, then this is the blog post for you.

Product intro

Find Your First Investor Now — is kind of an interesting interactive map of lots of equity free funding options around the world. Interesting for folks looking for initial funding?

Podcast of the week

Crankwheel logo 1920

CrankWheel — Instant Demos and Screen Sharing — DailySpin.IO —

Not to be too self-promotional, but I figure you might want to know a bit more about this person who’s now curating the newsletter. This is a podcast that aired a couple of weeks ago, Greg at DailySpin.IO did an interview with me about my startup CrankWheel and the back story of how and why we started that.

Articles for this week

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The Only Metric That Matters — Now With Fancy Slides! —

Great set of slides reminding you that the only metric that matters is the one that tells you whether people are using your product.

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How to Bootstrap Your SaaS Company to $1M ARR Before Raising Venture Capital —

I’m a big proponent of bootstrapping, so Klaviyo’s story resonated with me. Check it!


How to Create a Link-Building Strategy from Scratch —

Decent guide on link building, which is probably the most important thing for SEO.

Why startups fail at seo

16 Reasons Why Startups Fail at SEO and How They Can Recover —

A checklist of 16 things to avoid doing wrong, along with concrete examples and guidance on how to avoid them.

Player 680x377

Your Indie Game will Flop and you will Lose Money —

Anyone here working on games? Or other marketplaces similar to Steam where the chance of success used to be pretty good but where the marketplace is now flooded? Check this out.

That’s it for this issue

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