As Experience Designers, Technology is our canvas, data is the paint and the big idea, is still relevant, it is what makes the experiences we design a masterpiece. — Joanna Peña-Bickley

Dare To Design With Data

Numbers, data and information have an important story to tell. As Designers, they rely on you to give them a clear and convincing voice. From information to insight to developing master narratives, here are my pics for Top 10 Data Visualization projects.

1. Changing the Math on Gerrymandering

Olivia Walch explains #gerrymandering in comic form. There’s something super special to this combination of #data and comics. | +View Project

2. Cassini’s Grand Tour

The #Cassini satellite orbiting Saturn was ready for its planned crash into the atmosphere. #NadiaDrake + #BrianTJacobs for @NatGeo detailed the satellite’s 13 yrs of travel. | + View Project

3. Lights On & Lights Out

Comparing NASA’s 2016 Earth At Night image to the 2012 version. Using a simple pixel-difference math bot, this map isolates places where lights have come on and where they have gone off. | +View Project

4. The Evolution of Trust

Nicky Case, explainer of systems in the real world, delved into game theory and the evolution of trust. | + View Project

5. Every total solar eclipse happening in your lifetime.

See how many total solar eclipses are left in your lifetime. | + View Project

6. It’s Not Your Imagination. Summers Are Getting Hotter.

The chart is based on data from James Hansen, a retired NASA climate scientist and professor at Columbia University, shows how summer temperatures have shifted toward more extreme heat over the past several decades. | + View Project

7. Visualizing Incomplete and Missing Data

A lot of time and research is put into making sure the data is as complete as it can be. But most of the time, the data you work with is not complete. There is missing data. Available values can be sparse across time and space the farther out you stretch. | + View Project

8. The Demographics of Others


9. What should districts look like? Goals based Redistricting of the congressional map

Each map has a different goal: one is designed to encourage competitive elections, and another to maximize the number of majority-minority districts | + View Project

10. The Voting Habits of Americans Like You

The electorate is increasingly divided…these fissures could grow even wider. New estimates of turnout & support for more than 8,000 different groups. | + View Project

Bonus Shot: 2017’s Biggest Fake News Stories

This data is designed with selected stories. It focusses on political stories. It filters out death hoaxes, tales of perverse titillation, made-up celebrity gossip and stuff that was plainly bonkers. Some of the biggest fake news stories of 2017. Source: | + View Project

In the emerging worlds of Ai and the IoT, there is something magical about great visualization that give users a fresh perspective, helps them determine what is the next best action or even secure a network from a security threat. As a designer, curating insightful data is just the first part of your job. The next step is to use artful data visualization or computational design to turn your numbers into something that delights, impresses and influences people’s behavior.

What are your favorite Data Viz projects, Books or teachers? Share your beautiful evidence.