DESIGN 2020 — Ingenuity In The Key of Industry By Joanna Peña-Bickley

Design 2020: Ingenuity In The Key of Industry

A special thank you to the hundreds of designers that connected with me this year whether in person, on social or at an event. After a year of deep learning and analysis of 272 reports on enterprise and consumer trends, social listening and conferring with over 111 influencers from across the business, technology and design spectrum, I am here to report that Spaceship Earth needs design leaders more than ever.

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As of March 31, 2019, we are all in a race to 2020.
Generation Z has arrived, and they expect intelligently designed brand experiences. Gen Z’s 44 billion dollars of disposable income has triggered a tsunami of change as industry methodically plans toward 2020. In a recent C-suite study, 68 percent of C-suite executives expect their enterprise organizations to emphasize customer experience over products. During industry’s dance with disruption, design has elevated itself to new seat of power at the table and in the boardroom. That seat comes with expectations that design will act as a conductor of a symphonic enterprise.
Great design leaders share the same characteristics as conductors of an orchestra. Like Gustavo Dudamel or Alondra de la Parra’s ability to seat an inclusive band of musicians who bring to life a euphoric cacophony of sound that heals and inspires the soul, design leaders, have the ability to conduct the enterprise like a symphony to deliver intelligent brand experiences that matter for customers and our world.
As we shift from a brand-led world into a new intelligently connected world, business has concluded that in order to survive the changes of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, their brand experiences cannot be led by advertising alone. Nothing creates word of mouth excitement like a well designed experience. From manufacturing to mobility, from financial to food service and from health and beauty to hospitality, enterprises are rethinking everything. The name of the game is designing net new innovations, products and services. At the center of orchestrating the organization’s operations and experiences are brilliant problem solvers — designers that are catapulting us closer to meeting 2020 goals.
As a design leader at Amazon, I understood it was important to decode our peculiar culture in order to take ownership and establish a what we call a flywheel that keeps us laser focused on our customer experience while we listen, experiment, evolve, invent, and simplify in order to consistently deliver results. In our symphonic enterprise, the flywheel represents the repeating melody or tonic of a great song. Embedded in those well written poetic stanzas, there are macro design movements and micro minuets redefining intelligent brand experiences for a GenZ driven 2020.

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