Benefits of Living with Plants


Indoor plants are incredible. Besides giving your home a vibrant and cozy feel, they have so many hidden qualities. Here’s a list of five amazing benefits that come with having indoor plants.

Humidify and Purifies Air

Plants account for 10% of the atmosphere’s moisture. Their roots tap into underground water sources bringing it to the surface. The water later evaporates off their leaves.

This same process happens within houses plants. Water evaporates into the air, acting as a natural humidifier. This can be a huge benefit in cold and arid climates, acting as a remedy for dry skin, common colds, dry coughs, and sore thoughts.

Plants also decrease the number of toxins in the air. This can prevent diseases like the flu and chemicals like cigarette smoke. The Peace Lilly is a wonderful plant for cleaning your house’s air.

Natural Remedy

One well know quality growing plants is their ability to treat minor ailments. Some popular plants are Aloe Vera which soothes minor burns, Calendula which clears dry skin, Comfrey which reduces bruising and Chamomile which helps with upset stomachs.

Cultivating these plants not only makes for an aesthetically pleasing house but arms you against many minor calamities.

Clearer Focus

One surprising side effect of having indoor plants is it strengths mental health. The university of Michigan released a study showing that working or studying in an environment with plants can increase memory retention by up to 20%!

Other studies have found that they also increase productivity. More research is coming out that suggests the closer people are with nature the more positive their mental health.

The College of Agriculture and Life Science wrote “The effect of nature in the home and in the workplace, serves to stimulate both the senses and the mind, improving mental cognition and performance”.

Improves Sleep

Indoor plants are also linked improving sleep. While you’re dreaming, plants are constantly at work recycling the air into breathable oxygen. The Gerbera Daisey is a beautiful flower and is a powerful oxygen producer.

The aesthetics of flowers are also known to reduce stress and anxiety. The College of Agriculture and Life Science also posted “Communing with the natural world increases people’s feelings of vitality and energy, and consequently has a large positive effect on their overall mental health.”

Supports Patient Recovery

Another familiar side effect indoor plants have is speeding up recovery time for hospital patients. One study done at Kansas State University discovered that having plants in a patient’s room after surgery significantly improved blood pressure, reduced anxiety, and made them less fatigued.

It was also noted that simply daily visits to a garden significantly decreased the recovery time of patients!

Hospitals are now becoming more green, implementing new earthy recovery methods. One of these is Horticulture Therapy- having a patient physically interact and care for a garden. This has also shown to hugely impact the lives of patients, physically and mentally.

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