Five Reasons To Get Travel Insurance

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There are many benefits to having adequate travel and medical insurance coverage before leaving for your trip. Don’t worry about the headaches and costs associated with the “what-if” scenarios and enjoy your hard-earned vacation!

1. Medical and evacuation costs are expensive

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If you’re going back and forth on whether you need that insurance, this is the big reason to make sure you’re covered. Seeking medical treatment for an injury or illness in a foreign country can put a huge dent in your bank account; hospital stays can cost thousands of dollars per day! Not only will your finances be jeopardized but your health could be too since many facilities won’t provide treatment without adequate insurance. Medical evacuation needed to get you home to receive treatment can easily cost over $100,000. Read the fine print of your coverage plan to know exactly what you are covered for and ask your insurance provider questions if you are unsure.

2. Things don’t Always go as Planned

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You’ve booked your flights, accommodations, and have a great itinerary set for your vacation. The extra costs and inconveniences associated with flight delays or needing to cancel a trip last-minute due to an emergency or illness can cause a big headache. Think of your travel insurance as protection of an investment. After all, you’ve put the money and time into your getaway so why not make sure you’re protected?

3. You usually need proof of Medical Coverage to get a visa

Proof of travel health insurance is often needed to obtain a visa. The Schengen Visa, for example, requires medical evacuation and repatriation coverage of at least €30,000. This way, the country you intend to visit is assured you will be able to cover expenses related to medical costs or evacuation during your stay. Carefully read the visa requirements for the country you plan to visit and make sure your insurance covers the minimum amount.

4. You can get reimbursed for lost baggage

When you have travel insurance, you can recuperate costs for lost or stolen baggage and personal belongings. Check the policy benefits and wording carefully to see exactly what you are covered for. You might want to consider leaving valuable items that would put you above the insurance maximum at home.

5. Peace of mind

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It’s time to relax and enjoy yourself! Why worry about what could possibly go wrong and the associated costs? You’ve bought the appropriate insurance and know what you’re covered for; that safety net is there in case you hit some bumps along the way.

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