How to Solve Underground Water Issue In Asphalt Parking Lots?

Asphalt parking lots are a protective shelter for automobiles. Whether it is a personal parking lot or public, it holds a privileged place in our lives because it plays the role of a saviour for our cars.

On top of it, the asphalt material that is used to build a parking lot has incredible importance and benefits in the road constructing industry. Asphalt pavement material is described as a green pavement material. It has a great many environmental advantages due to which it has become one of the most imperative materials in the construction of parking lots. The environmental benefits of asphalt parking lots can simply be outlined into four terms — recyclable, biodegradable, cost-effective and clean.

Keeping the benefits apart, the usage of asphalt has gained so much popularity in today’s world that it has become a standard pavement material for the success of a business. As truly said, the first impression is the last impression. Especially, when constructing asphalt parking lot for the customer base. So, the better the shine and sheen of the asphalt parking lot, the better the growth of the business.

Drainage and Parking Lots

When it comes to constructing a new parking lot, the first thing that comes to mind is the rich, dark, shiny black asphalt. However, typically there is one vital characteristic that gets ignored while building a parking lot and that is a parking lot drainage system.

If the drainage system is not laid properly, it leads to underground water issues. Hence, accurate parking lot drainage is fundamental for the prolonged existence of the parking lot.

In case, ground water travels its way up to the asphalt surface through cracks, it can create problems for both vehicles and foot-travellers and also damage the asphalt surface.

Extend the Life of Your Asphalt Parking Lot with Adequate Drainage Solutions

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Inadequate drainage of surface and sub-surface water has the power to considerably reduce the lifespan and structural integrity of your asphalt parking lot. There are ways to solve the problem before the asphalt damage becomes extensive and sub-base layer of the asphalt parking lot becomes a significant expenditure.

Take a look at the following solutions for correcting the drainage system:

• Catch basin repairs/replacement
• Drain tile repairs/replacement
• Perforated pipe installations
• Trench drain repairs/replacement
• Aggregate base installation

Out of these solutions, drainage tile repairs or replacement is one of the most popular solutions for treating underground water problems.

Drainage Tile — Ideal for Parking Lots with Underground Water Problems

Drainage tile is a technique where a 4" perforated drainage pipe that has a silt sock around it that sits in a drain of ¾" clean stone enfolded in soil separation fabric is used to treat the seepage caused by underground water. The method is also known as underdrain and French drain. The underdrain method comprises of piping systems utilised to transport water with the help of gravity. The drainage pipe is then directly headed towards an opening in a drainage trench or connected to a storm drain system.

Drainage tile or underdrain is considered to be a very effective technique to capture and release high underground water and eliminate any hydrostatic pressure build-up.

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