Moving up: Prince George, BC

Finding a dream house can get tedious, especially when one has to factor in cost, location, locality, weather, living conditions, population, and the likes. Picking the perfect spot is just as important as creating a dream home. One such perfect area is Prince George, British Columbia.
Though urban, it doesn’t have traffic issues like some major metropolitan cities, providing a sense of serenity without having to forego your urban lifestyle. Its small community of approximately 70,000 friendly people tend to take to the lakes when the sun shines bright (which is a lot) and to the hills when the snow covers its peaks.

Besides this, here are our top reasons for you to move to Prince George as soon as possible:

It’s Realistic

Vancouver might be just an hour’s flight away, but the difference in prices of houses in the two cities is staggering. Though the housing market is on the rise in Prince George, it still isn’t on par with Vancouver. It is easier to find a real estate market listing here, especially with the increase in investment in land by both locals and lower mainland buyers.

It’s Central

Prince George is as centrally located as it can get, with Vancouver only about an hour’s flight away. It has its own airport (Prince George Airport, YXS) that has seen a 30% rise in passengers to and from the city. It also offers hundreds of lakes within an hour’s drive, as well as ski trails within the same distance. It is surrounded by nature’s beauty but is urban at heart.

Comfort Living

Prince George provides for a very comfortable life at reasonably low living costs. It has an excellent public transport system, and almost nothing is more than a 15-minute drive away. You won’t have to spend your precious time stuck in traffic jams, and one can always opt for a bike ride for shorter distances!

Health and Education

Health and education systems play a huge role in determining a suitable location to settle in. Prince George is the centre for healthcare for the surrounding region, home to the University Hospital of Northern BC and the BC Cancer Agency Centre for the North. As for education, Prince George has facilities for complete education till PhD level, as well as the University of Northern BC, which was ranked 1st among small universities in Canada in 2015.

Family Friendly

Image sourc: ICYNENE

The city is perfect for families, both small and large. It offers a range of shopping malls, amenities, art and entertainment activities, restaurants, breweries, and more! And if this wasn’t enough, there’s always soccer, baseball, slo-pitch, rugby, football, horseback riding, music, snowboarding, skiing, pottery, lawn bowling, painting, fly fishing, figure skating, hiking, and the likes. Truly, one can never get bored here!

Prince George is a hidden gem, open for investment as well as living purposes. It offers all the amenities of an urban city, without many of its downsides. It is a dream that you can actually reach!

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