Outdoor Kitchen Countertop Options To Hit & Miss

Most of us crave the ideal outdoor retreat and plan to do a lot of outdoor cooking and entertaining. If you’re considering installing counter space for food preparation and serving areas, then this is a must read –
A kitchen countertop is a striking statement that has the power to maximise workspace and beauty in a myriad of materials and colours and deliver an additional level of protection for the appliances and cabinets below, especially in outdoor kitchens.
Think choosing outdoor kitchen countertop surface is parallel to choosing your home’s furniture or stainless-steel appliances? Well, then you need to think again!
Act wisely when selecting an outdoor kitchen countertop surface; else you’ll have your investment going up in smoke. Keep in mind the following requirements:

  • Durability
  • Weather Resistance
  • Easy to clean
  • Beautiful

Are you ready to top your outdoor islands, bars and grill areas with the right surfaces? Here are some of the options that fail and the reasons why, and the one option that rules –

Soapstone: Thumbs Down!

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Soapstone is a good stone option for your outdoors. However, it is incapable of guarding itself against scratches — the major reason why you should turn it down. There is less to experiment with soapstone as it is available in a limited range of colours. Soapstone is less favourable for outdoor projects also because multiple pieces and seams of countertops are required for long counters.

Quartz: Miss!

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Although quartz is beautiful and non-porous and demands no maintenance, it is not made for outdoor use, making this choice a miss. It’s a more delicate mineral and may not be weather resistant. What’s more? Certain quartz countertop colours may discolour over time.

Formica: Snub!

Don’t let the low price of Formica countertop surfaces tempt you. This type of surface is made from particleboard and will soon bend or rot in hot, humid, or wet weather. Even though Formica can create a uniquely rustic appearance for your outdoor area, the downsides of this countertop cannot be ignored. An extremely porous material, hard to keep clean, feels dusty all the time, sloughs off layers over time, easy to stain and difficult to seal is definitely a big no!

Granite: Hit!

Give life to your outdoor kitchen by buying granite for the countertop surface area. Being UV, scratch resistant and water resistant, this may be the best option for an outdoor kitchen countertop. What is better than settling for a luxury look for your exteriors? Probably nothing! The quality of granite being easy to clean and long-lasting surely fixes the deal.
It turns out that granite is a bit costlier than other countertops, yet the fact that it is a protective material makes the price worth it! After all, the protection and longevity of your outdoor kitchen is a must.
Last but not the least; function plays a more crucial role in the outdoor kitchen than aesthetics. Pick the material that looks right within the context of your space.

All the best!

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