What to Expect During a Root Canal

A root canal sounds scary. But, it’s a fairly simple and overall very low pain procedure. Once the pain of the procedure subsides, the tooth will actually feel much better and any pain from the infection will be gone.

What is a root canal?

A root canal is a dental procedure that is required when an injury or cavity injures the root of a tooth. It involves removing the inflamed root tissue and then sticking new root tissue in the canal to protect it from future infection. You can get a root canal on any tooth, and some teeth are more painful than others.

What happens during a root canal

First, your doctor will numb up the area surrounding the infected tooth. A hole is then drilled through the surface of a back tooth or the back of a front tooth so that the dentist can access the root. Then, the dentist will remove the root tissue. The dentist removes all of the nerves and dead tissue inside the tooth, so there will be no pain felt by the tooth any longer. The canals are then disinfected, and rubber-like fillings are put into the root canals. You’ll then be sent back to your general dentist in order to put a crown or filling over the hole that was drilled into your tooth.

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Myths about root canals

My root canal will hurt

Root canals are actually less painful than continuing to live with an infected tooth. Although the needle to numb the area may hurt for a brief moment, you’ll be numb throughout the entire procedure. You may have some pain after the procedure, but over the counter pain relievers will usually help.

Image from http://www.buzzle.com/articles/myths-and-facts-about-root-canal-treatment.html

I’ll have to get my tooth removed later in life

Usually a root canal prevents you from having to get the tooth removed. It preserves the tooth and allows you to live a basically normal life with the tooth still intact.

I don’t need a root canal because my tooth doesn’t hurt

Many people experience pain, which causes them to seek help from a dentist. You’ll then learn that you need a root canal. But there are also people who don’t actually experience any pain. If you see a pimple like area near a tooth, there’s a high chance it’s from the infection and you’ll need a root canal. Only your dentist will be able to determine if you need a root canal.

Root canals sound like a scary procedure, but all in all they’re very common and quite painless. If you need a root canal, don’t put it off and get it done as soon as possible. The relief you’ll feel outweighs the pain.