The Scam

Being told the world is at your fingertips

Working hard pays, not the other way around

School, depending on the amount you dish out….gets you in every door

Health care is a luxury that you can’t buy

Getting married is the only way to feel complete

Having babies is the only way you’ll feel accomplished

Working for a company that utilizes your every being will get you everything you need

Death, is final and scary

So work hard, leave things behind and you won’t be forgotten.

Week 25, Part of the The Writing Cooperative52 Week Writing Challenge,

Joycelyn Ghansah is an ordinary woman with extraordinary ideas who is learning to find her voice through blogging about sexual health and hopes to open a conversation about sexual rights and taboos through her blog Can We Talk. You can tweet her#ItweetaboutAsianDramasALOT! #notsorry