Woman Walking

I’ve been dragged, spit on

Placed on a pedestal to be shamed

Crawling out of the barriers

Cradled by despair

Deprived of happiness

Seen as an object

Lock the door, they say

And I do

Squeezing the keys between my fingertips until red seeps out

Cover up, they say

I do

Until my skin evaporates….

Lock your doors, they say

But I did!

Cover up, they say

But I did!

Ever year I'm pulled and prodded

Placed in a showcase

But what am I?

I’m just a woman

A woman walking through a street called life.

Week 23, Part of the The Writing Cooperative52 Week Writing Challenge,

Joycelyn Ghansah is an ordinary woman with extraordinary ideas who is learning to find her voice through blogging about sexual health and hopes to open a conversation about sexual rights and taboos through her blog Can We Talk. You can tweet her#ItweetaboutAsianDramasALOT! #notsorry