Contra Costa Cake Show 2018: Wingin’ It

Joanna Ma
Joanna Ma
Aug 6 · 8 min read

Join me as I share my process for making this cake, along with lessons learned, random musings in cake form, and a bit of insight into how I (chaotically yet somehow successfully) run my cake business, It’s Jo Cake.

Step 1: Create a plan.

Initial concept sketch
Planning out where electronics would be installed in the cake board
Planning out forest components for the cake
Planning out how to assemble the dragon cake

Step 2: Buy your ingredients and supplies, in as few trips as possible!

Dragon Cake




Homemade Modelling Chocolate


My supply run haul, plus some supplies that I already own (icing colors, piping tips, fondant tools, etc.)

Step 3: Prep the cake board.

Step 4: Prototype!

Melted hard candies after 5 minutes in the oven at 350F. I ran a toothpick through the sheet immediately after taking it out to create swirls.

Step 5: Make lots and lots of cake.

Step 6: Start creating the cake!

Create the Dragon Body

Install Electronics


Poor dragon didn’t last the entire show…. but third place!

Lessons Learned

All the Achievement Badges!

Personal Lessons:

Thank you Contra Costa Cake Club for being ever so welcoming this year. I look forward to being a new member of the club, and to this year’s themed competition, Cakes By The Bay!

Joanna Ma

Written by

Joanna Ma

User-centered Biomedical Engineer. Expert on cakes, cupcakes and other delicious things at It’s Jo Cake!

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