Time After Time…

What’s up you beautiful freaks?

To quote the great Van Halen “Everybody wants some!” and that most definitely applies to this handsome little dude, My Von Erl. Repeat business is the name of our game and while we love grandiloquent heady glass & top end European engineered vaporizers, stores need that lynch pin to keep constant flow going into the till. This is where the Von Erl comes in!

The Von Erl is the new boss in the world of cig-a-likes! The My Von Erl is a sleek and discreet black 350mAh battery that utilizes pre-loaded e liquid pods creating vapor with a authentic Japanese cotton wick. This Austrian company takes so much pride in their product and understands that there are many types of vape enthusiasts, so they give you nicotine options in 0mg, 9mg, 18mg, 36mg unlike competitors. Also the diversity of flavors is pretty expansive! The Starter packs come with Tabak their very authentic tasting tobacco flavor, but there is a cornucopia of other flavors that you can pick up in packs of 2 pods (1.6ml ea.).

The retail price is the real value of this product, $29.99 for a brand new vape with a Tabak pod leaves plenty of room for upselling new flavors and offering real options as far as nicotine strength. If you’re not carrying Von Erl you should be carrying it last month! This is a product has been moving like crazy and the versatility that it brings to the table verses competitors makes Von Erl shine brightly, especially at the $29.99 price point.

So there you go, solid advice from the “Doctah” himself! Get this product into your store, stock up on the pods because THEY WILL GO FAST!!! Get your items per ticket up! Get that repeat business in there on lock! Get up! You’re an American!!! We got this!

Happy vaping you savages!!!

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