Usual Suspects

Hello fellow followers of the flowers!!!

You might recognize the suspects in this line up right here from your very own store shelves and hopefully they are going out just as quickly as they’re going in! These units are truly spectacular but sometimes these products that are pushing the innovative boundaries in vaping can be a little intimidating to some potential buyers (especially older folks and greenhorns). It’s imperative that your staff is excited and educated on these products and If they are the units will move quickly! 1) Get your staff to download the cellphone apps that coincide with each product so they can show your patrons how the interface synergizes with the vaporizer. It’s fair to say that the more comfortable the staff is with the product and with navigating the apps, the more they can impart that knowledge, enthusiasm and excitement onto the customer. 2) On a professional sports team each individual brings something different to the table and this is true with your “line-up” of vaporizers. Train your staff to know THREE KEY POINTS about each vaporizer that highlights that particular units value. Take the Davinci IQ for example. You have the Ceramic Zirconium chamber with a CZ orb on the lid for even heating and pure rich flavor, extremely compact and sleek, SMART-PATH technology utilizing the FREE phone app. These little touches can go a long way and put more green on the books.

It’s a done deal, you got this, now go my friend GO!

Let’s get it you savages!
Jojo loves ya!