YoCan Do It!!!

Hello my People!!!

Sometimes it truly is the little things in life and Yocan figured that out when designing the NEW Yocan Magneto! The Magneto is aptly named as all of it’s connections are made utilizing magnetic technology. Most people in the industry know that solid concentrate pens with standard threading have a tendency to get gunky, or even worse the threads become stripped. The magnetic connections on the Magneto completely nullify those issues. The atomizer features a cap (also magnetic) with concentrate loading tool attached to it (no more lost tools!) and the cap keeps the atomizer from leaking. The unit operates simply and with great efficiency and the taste is very pleasant.

I humbly believe that this product should be a staple in B&M stores and the end user experience will leave shop owners with less headaches compared to other more complicated and less realized units. It’s a lock! Bet the farm! Take a chance Columbus did!

Thanks you savages, Jojo loves ya!