I think its nice to think of SF as a liberal paradise, until you see the dramatic contrast between…
Dominic Buerkle

hi Dominic — I’m certainly not calling SF a liberal paradise by any means, and agree with you that the economic disparity is alarming. But isn’t that happening in every city right now, across the country? As well as mistreatment by the police to its citizens? I’m not saying SF doesn’t have problems that make the city a candidate to be eventually boycotted. I just question the strategy of targeting these 2 major cities as the *first* targets of this boycott, in terms of the overall success of the boycott. I think starting with little steps, having initial wins, and then working our way to to bigger and bigger fish, seems like a more logical strategy. Starting off too big, with cities that I feel don’t totally deserve to be first on the hitlist anyway (both are staunchly blue, overarching progressive cities, *in the grand scheme of things*), I think will turn a lot of otherwise energized people off to this whole idea. I know I don’t just speak for myself on this one.

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