Six Things to Do Before Starting Your Career

Many College Graduates are usually excited to enter the World of Work, which offers a lot of opportunities. This is usually a time of transition from being a dependant to earning your own money. While there are many opportunities out there, it is important that you understand the world of work, so that you can navigate successfully. Many people are stuck in careers they do not like and stay on jobs they are not happy with, just to make a living. It is crucial to know that working and having a career is not just about earning a living but doing something fulfilling that makes you happy. This understanding will prevent you from spending years of your life doing what you don’t really like and save you a ton of misery. What are the things you need to do before starting out your work life?

Assess yourself

Most people graduate and look for jobs in the field in which they got their degree or diploma. While this is usually expected, note that your field of study may not necessarily align with your talents, natural abilities and strengths.

Equip and develop yourself

One of the major reasons for unemployment is the lack of required skills. So, endeavor to build your skills. You might need to build a series of skills such communication skills, marketing skills, team working skills or presentation skills. There are a lot of places online where you can access training at little or no cost, and obtaining these skills will make you more marketable to employers. You might even discover a new field you are good at if you want to change your career. A young woman employed by google was able to make a career switch (from HR to Engineering) after developing new skills.

Market yourself

You need to put yourself out there and help potential employers find you. Use social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter etc.) to your advantage and sell yourself. Showcase your skills to those who need them. If you have entrepreneurial plans, create your value proposition and post it online to attract clients and later on, investors. Today, being visible is a vital key to success.


These days, you cannot achieve much if you isolate yourself. Learn how to network effectively. A survey revealed that up to 85% of jobs are filled by networking. Make good use of your day to day and online contacts. Sites such as LinkedIn offer good opportunities to network and land new jobs and business opportunities.

Go the extra mile

Every successful person has put in efforts more than others to achieve their goals. You must be ready to work hard and be outstanding in any field you choose. Spend your free time reading or learning something new. You cannot succeed by following the path of least resistance; you must do something extra that will set you apart from the crowd.

Give yourself income options

While job hunting and even after getting a job, consider other means to earn money or alternative sources of income. Find out ways you can convert your hobby or things you enjoy doing to a passive source of income.

I'm a human resources professional & freelance writer. I long to see a world in which everyone is healthy, safe and is meaningful employed, living above poverty

I'm a human resources professional & freelance writer. I long to see a world in which everyone is healthy, safe and is meaningful employed, living above poverty