hypothetically : Dave the artist

reporter : your new sculpture in central park, its quite provocative dont you think?

Dave : provocative, huh yea i guess you could say that.

reporter : what would you say the piece is saying?

Dave : its about the declaration that art made in the moment has legitimacy over art that's taken time to make, that by doing so your art become a product. as apposed to a calamity of emotion and imagination.

reporter : why make a piece that says that? why pick that subject?

Dave : because i felt i could express that concept in this way, effectively.

reporter : you really think that's true?

Dave : no, that's what the piece is about. the piece is an expression of that statement.

reporter : but its your statement, your art?

Dave : right, I made it.

reporter : so then if you dont believe the concept, why make a statement about it, in such a supportive way?

Dave : its not meant to be supportive, its an expression of that concept. its abstract in that way i suppose.

reporter : well if the art is not meant to be effective in being supportive of your concept then why make the piece at all?

Dave : because, its a concept to get that idea across.

reporter : so its a methodic piece. pointing out methodically, time intensive produced art is not as legitimate as art that is casted in the moment. but is meant to do so ineffectively?

Dave : yes

reporter : …….do you think people well understand it?

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