Mush-room : first entry

color, when thought about is rather odd, its existence is a “visual” perception of our would be environment. like sound waves we only preserve the surroundings. only with light waves.

because of how the how mammals evolve they grew able see three “colors” but just like any adaptation to humans in a region, we undoubtedly see colors different then other humans, much like other human adaptations depending on social constructs, dietary needs exe.


we even know of color blindness effecting humans, allowing only partial color spectrum visual reception. this is caused by a color (red, green, or blue) not properly being registered by the brain for one reason or another. this causes a dullness to the outside world and of source a loss of concept of that color. people who can’t see the color red, have no concept of the color. they only know about it by others having told them of this color. dogs for example also cant see the color red. most likely this is because red is not a color that is seen in nature often. other then blood, poisonous plants/animals, and fire. their is not a lot of need for animals to see the color. animals dont need to really see fire, because they can smell it way before they see it. they dont need to worry about blood as they can smell it from their prey, or if they are bleeding ; color is not really the issue. its through mans use of fire that red most likely worked its way into our evolution. we adapted around the color.

wrong color

not only is color something we had to adapt to bring into our perception, its something that we totally see arbitrarily, a peacock up-close is actually white, its feathers have microscopic fins that reverb light and then send it back out in blue and green. this is also why peacocks appear to shimmer as they move. this is one example of color being a totally bazar evolutionary concept. we as humans have bin able to even discover their is “colors” outside of our perception, we call these external colors “inferred” and “ultraviolet” how ever we only use these as terms to describe how the wave lengths work because they are higher or lower then the spectrum we can see. as if we have a limited amount of visual radio stations we can tune into. some animals see colors completely different then we do, even creatures like goats can see in a more wide angle view then the human eye. but what's interesting is that the colors we think things are, are not the real colors, for example grass is not really green, in fact its every color but green. we see the rejected light (green) bounce off the plant and then we ”see” this rejection in the shape of grass, and our brain not only flips the image due to our concave lenses, but it goes through a image identification that allows you to know its grass. but in fact grass is every color absorbed by the light, and is NOT green at all.

in the dark

creatures like the clown mantis shrimp have the most complex eyes on the planet (yet known) as ware humans can see 3 distinct colors (red, green, and blue) the mantis shrimp can see 16 distinct colors, colors we have no concept of. at best we can make cameras able to see the colors, and we can see the video in black and white. but we cant actually see these colors. so while they do exist, humans are not evolved enough to see them, which asks the question, what is the mantis shrimp doing with such crazy vision. what is its perception of the world, in fact their could be a number of bioluminescent things in the world that we could preserve as complete darkness if seen.

because light is really just vibrations, frequency passed through an organ and then interpreted as “color” and that color is the rejected light of that object, so is not the real color. and because we just within our species perceive the tuning in of colors as 3D representations of our surrounding's, it really asks the question, is color real, and to what degree, think about trees, we see them as brown. but in reality they are blue, green, but we get back the rejected orange, yellow, and red that come to our eyes as shades of brown. the tree is most likely more colors we cant see, as well as other rejected colors we still cant see.

really we are just stumbling around in the dark, and through millions of years…billions we became able to make up what the world around us looks like, but its really just our perception, and we have no idea what our world looks like.