"Good Morning!! It’s 7 a.m." ticks the alarm clock. It announces the end of your much treasured sleep that you had earned working throughout the day. I wonder if we could ever get rid of this 7 o’clock in our life span. All I can imagine is a school bus in adolescence, a jazzy bike in your teenage and an office cab in your working life. But, the humiliation is the same in all ages. The only difference when you were child was you knew it’s going to end some day, however as soon you start working, you realize it doesn’t have an end and leads to more dire consequences. If people want to challenge my thought citing powerful positions in the organizations, their humongous pension savings or after-retirement life as sweet returns from a job, I would want to ask them if these are really worth it. The world is very dynamic and fast-paced today. You work in an MNC, get a handsome salary, spend and then, wait for another month-end. The cycle continues till the time you realize that you’ve developed symptoms of migraine, insomnia, spine disorder, thyroid and much more. You also realize that your work-life balance is screwed up and you have ended up breaking-up with your long time partner, living away from the family for months & years and bragging about becoming responsible and independent. Are we achieving something? Well, the optimists here would certainly find out something to debate, however the cost of achieving freedom, self-esteem and so-called "thug" life is quite high.
I often observe people rushing on Fridays, excited to visit home after weeks and willing to travel for hours at midnight. It can be appreciated as they make an effort to come out of the digital connection they have with their family during weekdays. Missing home-cooked food, parental care and leisure is common among these "aspiring working professionals". Nonetheless they think at the moment that they need to hit the same, old routine of theirs. Well, if you ask me, we’re making as many compromises as our parents have done. If we respect them for this reason, we’ll surely be respected too.

While you sit in office and work for hours, day in, day out, you tend to develop an attitude which boasts of arrogance, ego, selfishness and oppressing others. We're so lost in setting our career goals that we forget the rules of the game and become unfair. As a result, the less-deserving is rewarded and hard work looks pale in front of "smart work". The aggregator is the ambition to work for a foreign-based multinational and getting a chance to visit client location. You find it the easiest way out to enhance your savings, roam around the world and rise up your career graph. Though we believe in a united world concept, but don't you think this is a very self-centered approach towards work? People work on public holidays, stretch beyond working hours and welcome all sort of unrealistic management decisions just to ensure they ain't discarded from the list of probables who may step their feet into the foreign land based on their networking and not "net-working".

Whatever may be the rationale behind the progress of certain individuals, let’s not forget that we have a life outside our work. Remember, you have a limited number of breaths and few years left when you may find yourself struggling to fetch a glass of water on your own. Job satisfaction is essential, but the parameters on which it is measured need to be corrected. Venting out frustration at a pub on Friday, updating Facebook and WhatsApp status and offending your bosses may not help in all circumstances. To make a better working world, we need to be cautious, assertive in whatever we decide for ourselves and patient. As someone has rightly said, "Your colleagues and boss may not support you in difficult times, but your family and friends will certainly do" The choice is all yours, after all.