16 Things I Love About My Little Sister on her 16th Birthday

My little sister, Sophia, was born on July 11, 2001 and is the best person I know. Here are 16 reasons to back that up. (She’s not allowed to be embarrassed by any of this because I love her and I do this OUT OF LOVE.)

1. She’s 99% extroverted.

A couple of years ago I made Sophia take the MBTI test and she got ESFP with a 99% preference to extroversion.

2. She became a feminist earlier in life than I did.

This girl starting calling boys out on their misogynist behaviors from around age ten. She should be all of our role models.

3. She’s the only person that will let me climb on top of them without hating me.

I realize this might sound weird, but this is how I show her my affection. Wait, actually, she probably does hate me. But at least she tolerates it.

4. She gets what she wants.

When she was probably about seven or eight, we were at the local CVS and there was a Coke truck parked outside of it, unloading. She, with her cute blonde hair and rosy cheeks, went up to the man handling the delivery and asked, “Can I have a free sample?” He promptly handed her a few Dr. Pepper Cherry’s. I remember this whenever I fear of asking someone for something. (She also got into a really cool acting summer program this year, but the Dr.Pepper story is funnier.)

5. She hates boys more than any straight girl I know. Including myself.

She’s 16 years old and is a high school student. Boys in our Red school district on Long Island are pretty easy to dislike. She found out a boy she had a crush on didn’t like her because she labeled herself as a feminist. Her response? “Good.” Her feminism is already more important to her than the male gaze. She’s strong. One time I made a joke to her saying, “Sophia, your type in boys is twenty-four.” This is funny if you know her.

6. She has a singing voice that makes me cry.

All of her idols are beautiful and strong female celebrities, particularly singers. She’s learned a lot about loving herself through these wonderful role models. She’s not overly confident, of course. She’s the right amount of humble about her talent. She has posted some gorgeous videos on her Instagram account, if you’re interested.

7. She’ll bake you something and get mad at you if you don’t eat it all.

She is the kind of person that when she bakes her own cookies and gives you some, she will repeatedly ask you what you thought of them until you actually eat one. And they’re always yummy. I like to think she got this from me.

8. If someone tells her she looks like a celebrity, she will send you side-by-sides until you agree.

When American Horror Story was popular, I got many text messages about how she resembled Taissa Farmiga. They do look insanely alike, but it was beautiful how excited she was to share similar features with a, MAYBE, B-List celebrity.

9. She can do makeup better than anyone I know, and she’s only sixteen.

When I was sixteen I wore tinted lip balm when my lips were chapped, causing me to apply too many layers and turning my lips a bright, Barbie doll pink and also a shiny, firetruck red (yes, I did this on more than one occasion. Neither times was I aware that the color was visable). She texts me frequently about new Kylie products. Just in case I want to “get her a gift.” She spends almost* all of her dog sitting money on beauty products.

*She’d get mad if I told you she spent all of it on beauty products.

10. All of her idols are female.

This is something I envy heavily. A lot of my idols have been (and still are) men, which in turn causes an underlying feeling of internalized misogyny fueled self-doubt. But not with Sophia. She loves Julianne Moore (random, but if you know her, it makes sense) and the girls in Fifth Harmony (all original members). She channels her energy from the most positive feminine influences. Our mother included.

11. She’s destined for the screen.

I’ve never seen another sixteen year old girl act like she can (except for maybe Natalie Portman, but I digress). All of her talent can be summed up with her insane fake crying abilities. Unfortunately, I know her too well and know exactly when it’s fake and exactly when it’s real. If it’s fake, all you have to do is call her out and she’ll start laughing. The fake crying could also go with #4 on this list. She did a play in the fall of 2016 where she had to fall in a scene and the bruises on her were more purple than Barney the frickin’ dragon (I just realized that barney doesn’t even really look like a dragon and that he looks like more of a newt. This is not relevant to this post). She commits hard.

12. She’s bad at using her phone.

She’s sixteen and she’s a bad texter. She prefers talking to people on the phone and doesn’t quite have the energy to text much. She’s a diamond in the rough of high school students in 2017.

13. She sends me funny pictures of herself and my dog at always the right time.

Moving out of the house and being away from Sophia has been the hardest thing I have ever had to go through. My dog is my one true obsession in this world. They are the two people (yes my dog is a person thank you) I love most in this world (along with a few others). It seems to be that whenever I feel homesick, she can feel that and will send me a picture of her and Angel. The angle is always hilarious. I don’t even know if she tries to be funny, but that’s the best part. Here’s an example:

Note the eyeliner. Also, they’re in my bedroom.

14. She’s a dog obsessed lil freak.

When she was barely able to speak, she would approach random strangers dogs at parks or at the beach and just start cuddling them. She has been asking my parents for a second dog since before we got the one. Very specifically a corgi.

15. She is beauty on the inside (and beauty on the outside).

This little girl is so full of love that she has yet to find out where to place it all. Anyone who has been lucky enough to receive any knows that it is the sweetest love available. Plus, she’s like, so pretty. Look at this selfie she sent me the other day:

I hope she doesn’t hate me for this.

16. She is funnier than I will ever be.

And she does it all without trying.