Twenty-three Years Without River

Twenty-three years ago today River Phoenix passed away at the age of twenty-three. He’s my favorite actor and maybe all-time human being. Through that, I have aquired many magazine clippings from when he was still alive and I’m going to share my favorites here. There’s a lot more where this came from.

The answer being yes.
Complete with a quiz to see if you’re his perfect match.
“Yes, he does wear glasses!”
Someone wrote an actual fanfiction about (y/n) and River in this magazine.
He was voted Most Likely To Have A Large Family Someday.
Try to see how many you can figure out before looking at the answers down below.
Keepin’ it upside down just like the magazine does.

Suggestions on what to get River for his 18th birthday:


Never woulda guessed.

Timeless graphics exclusive to teen magazines.
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