Digital Story

For our College Of Liberal Arts Class we were asked to choose between two paths to take to create a final digital story for the end of the course. We could do a service-learning track and a non-service learning track. I decided I was not going to do the service learning track this semester, but next. I chose to not do it this semester because I am just getting the hang of school. I have a huge courseload and it gets very stressful at times. Don’t get me wrong I am big into the community service. I have just come to the conclusion that next semester would be the better option. I just want to be able to navigate properly around the city, make new friends,and understand the time I need for homework out of school. This semester will really allow me that time to grow and make this new city my home.

If I am not in the service-learning track it does not mean that I won’t get involved with the community. I am not just saying the city, but I want to get in touch with the city within the University of Minnesota’s walls. I plan on joining a student group here in the near future. I want to be involved and learn cool things about my University. I really love being in the Presidents Emerging Scholarship group because it is that kind of class that really lets you get to know your classmates. We have one big lecture one day of the week and then a small discussion group on a different day of the week. I have already made quite a few friends and have explored parts of the city with them. I have already seen and learned so many wonderful things while living here. I have been to some of the parks here, I have walked around campus looking at different buildings, and I have talked to some really cool teachers already. I have a plan on how I want my digital story to be and I can’t wait to gather more information that is to come.

For the basis of my digital story I want it to be about my first year as a college student here at the UMN. It is kind of combining being a first-year student and a regular college student. I want to express how being a first year student was, how living in a new area is, and how college has shaped me. I really like Rebekah’s focus in her book. She is going back to college to see the new trends and how different students are today opposed to back then. I think I might also take an approach like this, but instead, I will compare and contrast being in the small town school setting and then coming to the University of Minnesota here in the Twin Cities. I could write about the difference in style, friendliness, age, and many other factors. I find college to be a huge breaking point for me. I have worked hard in high school to be here at this University. I will continue to make the best out of this experience and reach the goals that I have had in mind for a while now. This is going to be a very exciting semester!!!

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