GNOME.Asia Summit 2019 — Gresik, Indonesia

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So this is the story of my journey in the GNOME.Asia Summit 2019. The GNOME.Asia Summit 2019 was held at the University of Muhammadiyah Gresik. GNOME is a desktop display that I use on my openSUSE Leap. This year openSUSE is one of the sponsors of this year’s summit. I attend as a participant and exhibitor openSUSE booth.

Photo by M. Edwin Zakaria


In the morning I still continue to carry out activities as usual in my office. At 17:00 WIB I with M. Edwin Zakaria and Estu Fardani leaving for the CGK airport using a taxi. Around 18:30 WIB we arrived at CGK, after prayer and dinner we met with M Rifki Affandi Z who was waiting for us in the boarding room. At 22:00 WIB, we landed safely at the SUB airport. On the way this time, for some reason I easily fell asleep on the plane, maybe because I was tired :D. After that, we rush to the hotel in Surabaya. Upon arrival at the hotel M. Edwin Zakaria, Estu Fardani and M Rifki Affandi Z immediately check-in at the hotel and rest. While I chose to go back to my home in Surabaya, I miss my mother and brother who are at home hehe (:. Even though it was only briefly it felt pleasant and relieved to meet them.

Day 1

Photo by M. Edwin Zakaria

At 07:30 WIB the four of us departed from Surabaya for the venue of the GNOME.Asia Summit 2019. Around 09:30 WIB we arrived at the location. After arriving at the venue we were rushed to prepare merchandise at the openSUSE booth. I also missed the opening ceremony and keynote speaker. The condition of the openSUSE booth was very crowded. It’s nice to know their enthusiasm for openSUSE.

Photo by Volunteer

I also met a friend from Taiwan, Franklin Weng :D. We also talked a lot of things and he will tell that the LibreOffice Asia Conference 2020 will be held in Taiwan in early September 2020. Hope we meet there :D. After that, I attended talk about “Pegon at GNOME” by Rahman Yusri Aftian. You can see about Pegon here.

After lunch and prayer, I attended the talk about “Managing Social Capital in Open Source” by Rizki Kelimutu. This talk is very inspiring and really cool. Here I gained knowledge and experience about how to manage people in the community. This talk is very useful and interesting for me because I am the (remote) leader of KLAS (Kelompok Linux Arek Suroboyo/Surabaya Linux User Group) :D.

After the tea break and prayer, I attended the lighting talk of GNOME l10n Indonesia Progress by Kukuh Syafaat. He talks about the progress of Indonesian translation in GNOME.

Lighting talk Kukuh Syafaat photo by Joko Susilo

After the closing ceremony, M. Edwin Zakaria and I immediately went to the hotel to rest for a while before attending the dinner invitation by the committee. At 19:00 WIB we also had dinner at a restaurant. There was a lot of discussion at dinner, I also enjoyed the atmosphere. And I also tried the traditional drink from Gresik, Legen. It’s still very authentic. Hasn’t changed since I tried it for the first time in 2008 haha.

Day 2

Day 2 was the last day of the summit. Beside stand by at openSUSE booth. I attended only one talk. I attend Darian Rizaludin talk from KLAS (Kelompok Linux Arek Suroboyo/Surabaya Linux User Group). He talked about “The experience of the KLAS roadshow to ignite the spirit of Open Source in East Java, Indonesia”. After that I back to openSUSE booth. The condition of the openSUSE booth was always very crowded.

Photo by volunteer

There is some lighting talk before the closing ceremony. Then there was a talk from Khairul with the theme to bring the GNOME.Asia Summit 2020 to Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia). For me this is very interesting, this is South East Asia FOSS Community’s opportunity to get involved and show their existence. In addition, this is an opportunity to see more South East Asia FOSS Community.

Photo by Kukuh Syafaat

After that, I attended the last talk of “How To Contribute To FOSS Projects” by Ahmad Haris. This talk is very useful because it explains how to contribute to the FOSS project as a student, professional, government, and beginner.

Closing ceremony photo by volunteer


I would like to thank all the committees, sponsors, speakers, volunteers, participants, exhibitors and all of you who supported this event.
See you at GNOME.Asia Summit 2020 in (Maybe) KL.

Special thanks to openSUSE for sponsoring my trip.

PS: Find the photos gallery here

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