openSUSE.Asia Summit 2019 — Bali, Indonesia

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So this is the story of the 2019 openSUSE.Asia Summit that I attended. Here I was a full stack conference organizer as Kukuh Syafaat said :D. So my role here as a local committee, speaker, backup exhibitor and of course the participant ;).

Full stack conference organizer Photo by Samsul Ma’arif.

Day 0

Friday 4 October 2019 there was a guest lecture event filled by Douglas DeMaio from SUSE Nuremberg, Sunny Sun from SUSE Beijing, Max Lin from SUSE Taiwan. Unfortunately, I could not attend because my flight was from the CGK to DPS airport at 16:40 WIB. After Friday prayers I rushed to the CGK airport because I was very worried about missing my flight haha. At 21:00 WITA I finally landed safely at DPS. Next, I have to go to the venue, the Faculty of Engineering, University of Udaya Bali, because I bring cool merchandise that will be distributed to conference participants.

Cool merchandise photo by Joko Susilo

After making the last preparations for tomorrow’s event. Finally, I took a break at the hostel at 01:00 WITA with Darian, Umam, David.

Day 1

Saturday 5 October 2019. Well, this is the long-awaited day. I went to the venue with the volunteers at 6:30 WITA, because Kukuh Syafaat needed help to prepare some important things in the main room before the event started at 09:00 WITA and volunteers would conduct a final briefing before the event. After the preparation in the main room was finished, I hurried to the registration desk to help volunteers if there were difficulties. In addition, I also took several speakers and participants from abroad to the main room of the event. It’s fun when meet up with new friends and old friends at this event. The event began at 09:00 WITA, I missed the opening ceremony and several keynote speakers because my assignment at the registration desk had not yet been completed. But of course, I did not miss the photo session on the first day.

After the tea break, I attended the talk “Using Portainer (Docker Container Management) at openSUSE Leap 15.1” by Darian Rizaludin. He is one of the representatives of Linux User Group Surabaya (KLAS) on this summit. After a break and lunch, I joined the talk “We are openSUSE Asia Community” by Sunny. The class is very interesting because here is how the history of openSUSE Asia Community is and how they organize a conference (include journey openSUSE.Asia Summit and let’s get involved with openSUSE Community) or meet up with a different time zone. After that, I prepared to present my talk “How to Maintain Excitement and Increase Contributions in the FOSS Community”. I share my experience as a remote Leader of the Linux User Group Surabaya (KLAS) on how to improve and maintain contributions in the FOSS community. In the Q&A session, someone asked how to prevent the FOSS community from dying when changing management, I also gave him advice based on my experience when I managed the Linux User Group Surabaya (KLAS). At the end of the class, we didn’t forget to take a picture together.

Photo session after my class photo by Volunteer

After the tea break, I attended the talk “openSUSE Indonesia Community Status — What’s Next?” By M. Edwin Zakaria. Very interesting talk because it talks about openSUSE-ID. In addition, he mentioned me as one of the programmers who contributed to openSUSE-ID. Of course, this is an honor for me. Thanks, M. Edwin Zakaria.

Closing ceremony day 1 was closed by Kukuh Syafaat and we did not forget to take a picture together with Geeko dolls.

Photo by volunteer

Day 2

Sunday 6 October 2019, a second day.

I am getting ready to check out from the hostel around 6:30 WITA. After preparing everything in the main hall of the event and talking with our friends, I immediately attended the opening ceremony and keynote on this second day.

Photo by Joko Susilo

All the keynotes on the second day were very cool and I got a lot of insights from them. Very proud because Linux User Group Surabaya (KLAS) became part of this summit. Hope KLAS continuity contributes to the open source world.

After tea break, I attended the talk “Auto-deployment of ceph with Rook on Kubic” by Saputro Aryulianto. Really cool talk for me, because as a software developer I got a lot of knowledge about cloud infrastructure. After break and prayers, I attended the talk “openSUSE microOS” by Ish Sookun. A very, very interesting and good workshop for me. Again, because as a software developer I got a lot of knowledge about cloud infrastructure. After that, I attended the lighting talk and closing ceremony. At 17:00 WITA I headed to DPS airport to return home. And finally 00:00 WIB I landed at home safely.

Photo by volunteer
Photo by volunteer


openSUSE.Asia Summit 2019 in Bali is truly a pleasant experience. Meetup with amazing people from all over the world and also meet up with young people who have FOSS enthusiasm. It was an unforgettable time to be a part of #oSAS19.

I would like to thank all the committees, sponsors, speakers, volunteers, participants, exhibitors and all of you who supported this event.

Special thanks to openSUSE for sponsoring my trip.

See you next year.

PS: Find the photos gallery here, here, and here. And find highlight openSUSE Asia Summit 2019 in youtube channel openSUSE Indonesia.


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