5am Debt Rant — The Kossblog

If only I could add a picture of my child to this Facebook post, I might get more views and likes. Linking to an important article I just read in nytimes, an op-ed co-written by Paul Volcker. http://nyti.ms/2euUrXw

It is appalling how little attention we the electorate require both candidates to pay to the debt/deficit issue in this presidential race. Trump’s plan is a farce, and hopefully irrelevant in 18 days. Hillary’s plan — at least the current plan she’s expressed to the public — largely panders to a liberal base. It is a lack of political courage and leadership on all sides, including the electorate and the well-educated.

IMHO it is necessary for Americans to accept some “unpopular” decisions that will require us to make sacrifices in the short term that nobody likes, with no plan that is perfect for everyone. But any credible step would be a giant leap in the right direction to save our children and grandchildren in the long term.

Something along the lines of the Simpson-Bowles proposal would be a good starting point, IMHO.

Does anyone have a better fucking plan? One that has any remote possibility of bi-partisan support? Until then, probably best to start right now with the only credible plan on the table and take it from there.

I think this quote from a Wikipedia article on Simpson-Bowles, which the op-ed pushed me to read again, says it well:

“The Commission released not only a credible plan, but an excellent plan. Of course it is filled with things people don’t like — that is the nature of deficit reduction. And yet the plan received bipartisan support from a majority of the Commission at a time where, up until now, fiscal leadership has been in short supply.”

Is this issue keeping me up at night? Well I read the article at 4am and am publishing at 520am, so you decide 😳.

All I got.