The End of Curiosity

Morning in Paris

After a walk around the city of Paris, we go back to the hotel. Both of us being exhausted, just lay on our beds talking about random emotions and facts of the world. I give him the new released book by Murakami that he asked for and he is excited. We ramble about the book and I tell him the journey of getting the book. I’ve read half of the book on the airplane because I am excited about the book, too.

I change into my pajamas and go into the sheets of my bed. Although it’s summer, the night seems to make me feel cold. I want to continue to read the new released book so I ask him for the book.

“Can I keep it this week until I finish it?”

“Yeah, sure. I actually read every day before going to bed. Do you mind if I have the stand on?” He sits down on his corner of the bed and starts reading his book.

However, I interrupt him and we talk about tomorrow’s plans and Paris. He reads and I am too exhausted so I go to bed. I’m not really sleeping with the jetlag and just knowing that he is next me cannot allow me to fall asleep. After a few minutes, he decides to sleep as well and turns off the lights. The two single beds are side by side so I feel every movement throughout the night. All his tossing and turning at night keeps me awake or at least wakes me up constantly.

I wake up at 4AM in the morning. I cannot move because he also feels the tossing and turning of my own. I look at the window and the sun is already up and I see the building across. After thirty minutes of not being able to sleep, I come out of my bed and grab my book. I start to read the book with the streaks of sunlight coming from the window. I look at the person next to me and I see his sleeping face. I cannot believe myself and actually blurt out “wow.”

He looks so cute as he is sleeping with his mouth open. I never thought I would think this in my life that I would think of someone like this. I have just realized once again that I really do like this person who isn’t the most amazing looking person in everyone’s standards.

I cannot stand the emotion and leave the room to get some air. The streets of Paris at 5AM is amazing. The sky is beautiful and I feel like walking to the Eiffel Tower. I start going toward the Eiffel Tower to have the perfect scene engraved in my memory. While I walk toward the Eiffel Tower, I feel overemotional and have to share it with someone. I call my friend who is overseas.

“Bae, I cannot stand this! This is too much. I was watching him sleep and he’s so beautiful. I really cannot get enough of it. I…I wish I don’t lose this memory.”

“What are you doing right now?”

“Walking to the Eiffel Tower. It looks amazing.”

“What is wrong with you? Go back to your room and capture the moment! You can see the Eiffel Tower any day but not the way he breathes while he sleeps. Just look at him as long as you can.”

I hang up my call and I walk back toward the hotel leaving the Eiffel Tower. Au revoir, Tour Eiffel.

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