The End of Waiting

This is the day that all of the waiting can finally end. I’ve been on the airplane for more than 12 hours. I cannot believe that I am really meeting him today at the airport. We have talked about this a few times.

“It would be so funny to see you in Paris.”

“So true, we would have to say hi with bisous because we wouldn’t have seen each other for so long.”

I’ve arrived at the airport and had to check the mirror. I look like a person who was on an airplane for 12 hours. I look disgusting but what can I do. I was literally on the airplane watching three movies and not being able to sleep. I made so many conversations in my mind that I cannot know what would be the best conversation with him. I’ve imagined him to wait for me but unfortunately his train is late. I’m the one waiting for him and looking at the advertisements of Estee Lauder.

Suddenly, someone appears and I look up. It’s him. I feel nothing. It feels like we met a week ago. We have been texting so it’s familiar. Nothing is new. It just feels like the times we met before near his work or my place. It’s just strange how it doesn’t feel different or unique?!

He says, “Wow, It feels like we met last month. It’s so not weird. I thought I would be so excited and hug and kiss you hello.”

“Me too.”

We take the taxi to go to middle of Paris. He speaks his fluent French. I don’t know what to do. Learning two months of French does not help me that much to understand what he says to the taxi driver. We sit in the cab and the sunlight is so strong that I cannot open my eyes.

“Move to the middle, sit next to me to avoid the sun.”

I move and we talk about our lives that we already talked about while we were texting in the past months. I start to feel uncomfortable sitting next to him. This is nothing that I have imagined. I am exhausted with the long flight and not being able to absorb all the surroundings. We arrive in Paris and walk around the restaurants near the Eiffel Tower. Everything seems to be in French and I am too startled to do anything but follow him.

“What do you wanna eat?”

“I don’t know.”

“Do you wanna eat here?”

“I don’t know.”

“Where do you wanna sit? Here or inside?”

“I really don’t know. I cannot decide.”

I cannot believe myself that I cannot choose anything for myself. My first impression after a year of waiting this moment is a disaster.

“Do you wanna order so that you can practice your French?”

“Umm…yeah, I mean no… I’m too tired.”

He orders all the food and I’m just a zombie who cannot say anything or decide for myself. All this waiting for an year and in the airport have drained my energy. I am not even sure if I really love or even “like” this guy right now. I’m exhausted of all the waiting and today it finally ended. I think it was the end of waiting at that moment at least but it may not be the end after all. Au revoir, waiting.

Streets of Paris
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