1. Already? I’m twenty something already? Well shit den!

2. Broke.

3. When did I become the person that doesn’t know about new music till it’s been out for some time?

4. Love… or something like it.

5. No it wasn’t love, stupid man like him.

6. Still broke.

7. I mean I’m happy for them and everything but when did everyone decide to start getting married?

8. How do my parents still have this much of a say in my life? This was not the plan.

9. Still afraid of the dentist.

10. Good date. Weird date. Bad date

11. Work-life balance my ass

12. Why is my ex calling me?

13. Religion… or something like that

14. Girlfriend group chats make the world go round

15. So must of us are just winging this whole adulting thing eyy?

16. Getting my finances in order. So still broke but not “bad” broke.

17. Blood. Sweat. Tears

18. Promotion!

19. No mum I’m not going for the singles conference.

20. Happy? Mostly.

21. Drinks till the AM >> Clubbing

22. Cheers to new friends, and old ones but mostly the reliable ones.

23. I’m getting the hang of this whole adulting thing.

24. No, I lied. The hang of what? Somebody please help me oh.

25. Broke! AGAIN? For goodness sakes who is in charge of this thing I would like a refund.

26. Laughter. Too much of it

27. One day at a time. I’ll be okay

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